Fashion controversy: Sana Safinaz Lawn Campaign 2018

So the Sana Safinaz lawn campaign 2018 recently emerged on social media and created a lot of frenzy amongst the social media Nazis. Before we talk about the whole subject and narrative I’d like to share the controversial images from the catalouge first:





Now coming to what’s so intimidating about these images? Humans being used as props, cultural appropriation etc etc

Okay so cultural appropriation? Lets discuss what cultural appropriation is according to the American law:

“Taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or artifacts from someone else’s culture without permission. This can include unauthorized use of another culture’s dance, dress, music, language, folklore, cuisine, traditional medicine, religious symbols, etc. It’s most likely to be harmful when the source community is a minority group that has been oppressed or exploited in other ways or when the object of appropriation is particularly sensitive, e.g. sacred objects.”

Back to the Sana Safinaz catalogue, no picture at all suggests the slightest hint of oppression or unauthorised use of humans as ‘props’. In fact they look happy whilst at it. Since the Maasai tribe take a lot of pride in their rich cultural heritage, they consider it a great privilege to show around their land to visiting tourists which eventually also becomes a source of income for them.

For reference sake, the minority which supposedly is being targeted here are the Maasai tribe people of Kenya. A little brief on the Maasai;

The Maasai tribe (or Masai) is a unique and popular tribe due to their long preserved culture. Despite education, civilization and western cultural influences, the Maasai people have clung to their traditional way of life, making them a symbol of Kenyan culture.

Maasai’s distinctive culture, dress style and strategic territory along the game parks of Kenya and Tanzania have made them one of East Africa’s most internationally famous tourist attractions.

So Sana Safinaz just chose a famous tourist attraction and shot their lawn campaign there for the sake of bringing back home bits of Kenya. They engaged the locals in their campaigns which were paid for. I actually enjoyed their insta-stories and their interactions with the local people there, it felt as if I was there too. It was actually an experience and that is what designers should provide. AN EXPERIENCE. Otherwise lawn is just lawn, you can even shoot it in a studio (OMG am I being racist towards lawn).

All the hate speech targeted towards this campaign is a reflection of the racist mindset of the individuals themselves. Art knows no boundaries, it is beyond targeted racism and differences.In the words of  ‘Jenni Avins’ : We have to stop guarding cultures and subcultures in efforts to preserve them. It’s naïve, paternalistic, and counterproductive. Plus, it’s just not how culture or creativity work. The exchange of ideas, styles, and traditions is one of the tenets and joys of a modern, multicultural society. Of course on the condition that no one gets hurt sentimentality.

Plus how can anybody overlook the following stunning images from rest of the campaign:


What a gorgeous shot is that!! Is this Cultural appropriation or appreciation? The later for sure.


How can you just ditch a whole team’s effort and hard work, sweat and blood over ONE mind-wrecking image? (incase you’re wondering it’s the umbrella one that created most frenzy!) just because it doesn’t fit your ideology of appropriation. We need to clear our own minds first if we want to appreciate art or let it flourish in our war-zoned piece of land. Please support our people when they try to think out of the box, please let art prevail. No art person or designer would ever intentionally want to harass or belittle any minority that too with such stunning and rich cultural diversity. Spare the hate.

Sana and Safinaz have done wonders for our small tiny fashion industry, especially being the pioneers in the regeneration of lawn. They have inspired hundreds of students and younger designers alike during their entire span. Year after year they churn out striking campaigns and people just can’t stop pointing fingers every single time but this time the hate is unvalidated. Give them a break and maybe yourself too! Till then Happy Spring!! xx



Fashion edit: Lux Style Awards 2018

The Lux Style Awards 2018 took place last week in Lahore. Celebrity attendance was pretty low and the show itself was short of gripping acts or performances. Looking at the positive side, the red carpet showed so much improvement and boy I am so glad. Although there were a lot of Bollywood inspirations coming in, but as long as you’re making the red carpet of Pakistan proud, a little aesthetic help from here and there doesn’t hurt (much). Before I list my best and worst dressed, I can’t stress enough on the fact that I have absolutely no animosity towards the particular actress or model so please do not take it personal. We’re here to discuss the clothes and the looks that went with it, nothing beyond that. If there is an aim of this critique then that is to make the stylists, non-stylists and self-proclaimed stylists realise that yes your work is being watched and judged and we will not let you turn celebrity clients into clowns and send them on to the red carpet. Thank you very much.

BEST DRESSED: (In random order)

1. FRIEHA ALTAF : I have literally been waiting ages to have Frieha on the best dressed list and finally on the day of her acheieving the “Lifetime achievement” award, she ends up on my list *yay*. In a Sana Safinaz crushed toga-esque gown with fringes and fur topped with diamonds and the perfect pumps, she looked just GLAM!



2. AYESHA OMAR: Ayesha had an outfit change during the show and this was her second look. In a satin one-shoulder gathered bodice dress by Kristina Fidelskaya, Ayesha looked fairly gorgeous. Since Ayesha’s return from the big fat Maybelline event in New York, there’s a whole new confidence emerging from her. Lets just hope it isn’t temporary and that she becomes a seasoned red carpet attendee soon.



3. SADAF KANWAL: Sadaf Kanwal has really started to master the art of carrying whatever she wears, really well. For the Lux awards she chose to wear a deep blue satin gown by Zaheer Abbas. Coming from a local designer, the stitch and fit is fantastic since satin is a very tricky and delicate fabric to work with and I believe the finesse of this gown can be matched with any international designer. Gold tasseled earring and strappy  heels made this look a winner.



4. UZMA HASSAN: So many saree appearances on the red carpet but absolutely non carried it with such poise and grace as Uzma Hassan. She wore a beautiful marigold Indian silk saree by Wasim Khan. Hints of accent colours and a choker necklace around her neck..beautiful!



5. MEHEK SAEED: Mehek Saeed of Grazia Pakistan really really stood out in that futuristic vibe bustier gown by Hussain Rehar. Dangly earrings and sultry make-up by the super talented Fatima Nasir added the cherry on top. She looked totally red carpet ready! Thumbs up, to you woman!



ON THE EDGE: Mixed thoughts on this ‘Hurrem Sultan’ inspired look on Mathira designed by Mansoor Akram. Waist up I think she looks really nice but on the lower half it’s either too much volume thats bothering or that frilly nightgown type detail seems a bit overwhelming. What do you guys think?



WORST DRESSED: (in random order, although the order doesn’t make a difference since they were all horrible)

1. URWA HOCANE: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha (MNR) has been churning out really nice work since the brand launch but this is pure disaster. Fringes and fur in all the wrong places, and then the ugly 3D embellishment and don’t even start me on that hideous train at her back. Urwa is such a popular star amongst the masses and it’s really sad that she has nearly always failed to impress.



2. SANAM SAEED: Another regular on our worst dressed list, Sanam Saeed! Why would anyone celebrity wear a bridesmaid gown to an award ceremony? Indeed it’s beautiful on it’s own since it’s by the master couture house Rami al Ali but isn’t it a little too tight? How did she breathe, walk or even exist in it???


3. SAHEEFA JABBAR KHATTAK: It’s good to make statements but if they look like this then maybe not. Her look is as confusing as Imran Khan’s choices of spouses. And is that a sheer trouser peeking under the skirt hem? OH LORD! *toaba*



4. NIMRA KHAN: When you are short on time and you just add on to your silk satin night suit *weep weep*. This Zubia Zainab creation is ugly to the bones, I am really sorry to say! The colour, the stitching and the drape is so so so bad in taste.



5. ROMA MICHAEL: And yes this cropped top monstroisty happened too. I need not say more, the sensible will understand 😉



FASHION FOR THOUGHT:  With the ‘Red Carpet’ being a very westernised concept, it is naturally expected to see celebrities in gowns, dresses and everything western. This year, Sajal Ali and Mahirah Khan chose eastern attire on the red carpet which didn’t go down well with the majority of people. Some said ‘it was too shadi-type’, others said it was too desi and so on. Although it isn’t a crime to wear eastern outfits on the red carpet but the least you can do is make the right choice of the outfit. Here’s what these ladies wore:


Looking at these you can’t deny that they don’t look wedding or Nikkah ready. Okay, Sajal in her IVY peshwas can maybe get away with it but Mahirah in the gharara and all, with just a tikka missing it is actually a full on bridal look. What if one fine day, say Jennifer Aniston decides to wear a white wedding gown to the Oscars? How awkward would that be? It’s new for us but eastern wear has ruled the red carpet many times internationally, it’s just about projecting it properly and styling it fiercely. Just for the record here are two unforgettable looks from Sonam and Vidya at the Cannes in 2014 and 2013 respectively:

sonam cannes 14.jpg


So yes you can make statement style happen in desi wear too, but only with the right combination of make-up, styling and outfit. It’s easier to get away with a ball gown or a dress but eastern wear is tricky. Red carpet events don’t happen often in Pakistan, but when they do, all we ask of our celebrities is the decency to dress like a STAR and have an attitude to go with it. Is that too much asking?

That’s all for now folks, see you when the next carpet rolls out! 😉 Ciao!

Favourite 15 – FPW 2017

With so much exposure to every little fashion event and detail happening internationally, it’s sad to see the same old crap being thrown down the runway, by our designers season after season. I won’t say all but majority are creating pieces that hardly make any sense let alone the bad bad fittings and finishings. UGH! Before this becomes an article full of rants let’s see the pieces that were fascinating enough to be on my favourites list!

  1. First up is this innovative saree-gharara by Saira Rizwan. The monochrome colour palette make it a winner otherwise it was a very tricky silhouette.


2. Misha Lakhani has a distinctive design aesthetic which shows through every single one of her collections. I love how she manages to diffuse her laid-back bohemian vibes into bridal wear. I have never seen a gold and cream colour pairing before and I think it looks gorgeous!


3. Another Misha Lakhani design, she just had me on that duppata detailing. Absolutely love the origami triangles popping out one after the other.


4. Sanam Chaudri’s collection was hip, contemporary and perhaps the only collection that didn’t steer towards bridal-ness. Thank God for that! The over-lapping pants, the loose jacket, contrast lapels and some chunky embellishment details… just perfect!


5. Another Sanam Chaudri outfit, this one is minimalistic yet impactful and chic. That shade of blue though!

sanam ch

6. Saira Shakira presented mostly bridal couture and in bridals it was perhaps one of the best showcase. The contrasting embellishment on this pale sheer kameez are beautiful!


7. Very Elan-esque but nonetheless every inch of detail is stunning. Another Saira Shakira outfit.


8. This was perhaps a favourite on many people’s list. A navy blue kimono kameez with floral details in golds and a few hints of colour here and there. Saira Shakira hitting the right notes once again!


9. Looks like Saira Shakira are aiming to bring back the longer hemlines. This is another  glam, cut out shoulder kameez outfit from the duo.


10. Here onwards you will experience the true essence of couture or maybe the first step towards couture brilliance and precison, created solely in Pakistan and by Pakistanis *proud moment* Give yourselves a pat, Sana and Safinaz! It was indeed a job well done.

Cutouts, check! contrast, check! the perfect floor length? double check! what’s not to love?


11. I could easily mistake that one for Marchesa, honestly! Dainty florals, feather accents and such a beautiful pastel colour. Sana Safinaz mesmerization continues…


12. Another Sana Safinaz outfit, made to perfection.


13. Straight out of a fairy-tale by Sana Safinaz, the reigning queens of Pakistani couture.


14. The deepest green, column gown with silver beaded detailing. Another brilliant number by Sana Safinaz.


15. Move aside reds. ox blood will be taking over like a storm after this. Ending the list with this utterly beautiful outfit, of course by Sana Safinaz.


Favourite 15 – PSFW 2017

Spread over a course of three days, PFDC Sunsilk fashion week has finally come to an end. Retail giants like Sapphire, Generation and Khaadi Khaas had the strongest presence and it was sad to see how little the other big designers had to offer in terms of design and innovation. Maybe they were doing it half-heartedly or maybe they’re busy with other more lucrative events? who knows!

Here’s a list of my favourite pieces:

  1. First up is a wrap jacket outfit by HSY. I love the orange pop against the monochrome and with so much geometrical print going on the whole look still manages to be cohesive and classic.


2. This outfit by Cross stitch just had me floored because of those gorgeous oversized ruffled flared pants!



3. Next up is this beautifully embroidered sheer crop jacket over a navy base by Saira Rizwan.


4. Khaadi Khaas had the most ethnic collection with ever so detailing! This embellished dress was an absolute stunner!


5. Another brilliant piece from Khaadi Khaas.


6. Shoutout to “Ethnic by outfitters’ ! Such an apt retail collection. It was cohesive, you could see a mood and story board happening right there on the runway. A very gelled together and well-thought out showcase. *thumbs up*


7. Another Ethnic by Outfitters piece. What a perfectly stitched culotte is that!


8. Another EBO sheer dress. You can’t miss the details on those trainers !


9. So yes Ethnic by Outfitters probably rules my list this time. And my absolute favourite piece was this printed pyjamas outfit which I mistook for a jumpsuit initially. Can’t wait till this hits the stores.


10. Coming from a strong bridal couture background, Saira Rizwan’s ready to wear collection was fairly decent, wearable and chic. I loved the hints of tie-n-dye and the whole easy-going smooth look.


11. Another pretty dress from Saira Rizwan. Top it off with a oversized beautiful hat or fascinator and I can totally imagine some celebrity or high-profile wearing it to the ‘Royal Ascot’.

saira riizwan

12. A one-piece wonder from the otherwise very average collection by Faiza Saqlain. Iman looks gorgeous as ever in that lime! Loved the sleeve detail.

faiza saqlain

13. My only favourite outfit from Sania Maskatiya was this. Maybe I expected more from this brand because ready to wear is their forte. Those paper bag pants were pretty cool and well on trend.


14. Ali Xeeshan lives in a world of his own and Man! does he thoroughly enjoy it! He has no rules to follow and with every collection he’s becoming the master of his ‘own’ game. He’s shown us Disney Characters, monkeys, parrots and this time it was a line of trophies coming down the runway. A mix and match collection since like I said; Ali doesn’t stick to norms. My favourite was this printed flared top and flared pants.


15. Sapphire presented a colour palette that was more bent towards fall/winter type collections. I feel it was a teeny weeny bit overly dark for summers. Nonetheless, the stitching was to perfection with not a thread out of place! 

Here’s ending my list with this chic cloak dress from Sapphire. The tiger embroidery is very reminiscent of the Gucci tiger embroideries but then tigers are tigers, they look the same all over the world … don’t they? 😉


Fashion for thought: 

I’d put in a small request for the people responsible of holding the fashion shows…please work on those front rows because they really matter. Those uncles, aunties, and babies can very well see the view from the second row too, I am sure. Please put people who matter in front and see the difference it makes. Thank you and welcome.

Get your pantsuit on!

Gone are the days when pantsuits were strictly meant for the office. The new pantsuit is ever so versatile that you can incorporate it right into your wedding wear. There are so many trendy options available now for every size, height and frame that it’s a winner look for everyone. The pantsuit for women isn’t really just for politics anymore!

The new silhouette is relaxed yet statement setting, matching separates or solid embellished pieces: you decide!

Before we go on to inspirational looks for the shadi pantsuit, let’s get into a little history of the pantsuit:

In the 1920’s Coco Chanel was the first designer to liberate women from the restrictive feel of a corset by designing the very first ‘power suit’. This new outfit quickly became all the rage in Paris and consisted of a knitted wool cardigan paired with a matching skirt. The suit was usually accessorized with a long string of pearls, and came to be known as the “woman’s new uniform.”

In the 1930’s Despite the public’s disapproval of androgynous women, the German actress Marlene Dietrich adopted the menswear garment as one of her signature looks. Dietrich wore a tuxedo by renowned costume designer Travis Banton for her Oscar-winning role in Morocco.

In the 1940’s Katherine Hepburn became a fashion icon after donning a man’s suit in her film Women of the Year. She showed all men that women could rock a man’s suit and look classy as hell while doing so.

It’s crazy to even imagine that for centuries women in trousers were unfathomable to the common man. And all that finally changed:

In the 1960’s with the rise of feminism, designers such as Foale & Tuffin in London and Luba Marks in the US decided to call out the patriarchy on the idea that only men could wear comfortable clothing that let you move a little, and started making trousers suits for the modern woman of the 60s. Needless to say, it wasn’t long after this that YSL came along and changed the game for good, by bringing his ‘Le Smoking’ to the world which took gender bending to a whole new level, with the cut of the pantsuit mimicking a man’s tuxedo. In true Yves Saint Laurent style, Le Smoking was an incredibly gutsy fashion statement, so much so that many restaurants banned them. In fact, the American socialite Nan Kempner was turned away from Le Côte Basque in New York for wearing her YSL tuxedo on reaction to which, she famously took matters into her own hands and striped off the pants and dined in the suit jacket alone.

In the 1980’s despite the critics, women continued to embrace the pantsuit. From 1980 to 1987, annual sales of women’s suits rose by almost 6 million units, a $600 million gain for that sector of the fashion industry. A great contributor to this growth was the power suit trend. Pushed by fashion houses like Giorgio Armani, power suits updated pantsuits with broad shoulder pads, bigger lapels, and sharper cuts that emulated a man’s silhouette. These big shouldered jackets and pants disguised a woman’s figure and took the focus off her gender, thus creating a feeling of authority.

In the 1990s the pantsuit was in dire need of a makeover and then came Helmut Lang and Jil Sander (and later Hedi Slimane), who stripped the wardrobe staple down to its barest architecture for a lean and mean modern look that was the very essence of cool. And for the next 10 years, the only way to look fashionable was to wear a suit. Then, poof! Pantsuits suffered the fashion equivalent of a military coup, toppled in one season by the dress.

But, inevitably, fashion’s pendulum always swings back. Fall 2010, and the designers pushed tailoring out front and center. Leading the charge were Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, and Akris. Even some of the young guns, like Joseph Altuzarra and Alexander Wang, made a convincing case for its revival.

And then happened the Grammy’s 2015, and Rihanna was seen making waves in her Maison Margiela oversized and slouchy pantsuit. Her gender-bender look was the talk of the town and one message was clear: the powersuit was back and here to stay.


Since then, over and again European designers have sent scores of pantsuits down the runway and the trend has now even transcended into eastern wear especially wedding couture. With the abundance in variety, the key is to find the perfect flattering cut for your own body type. Like if you’re short and petite then steer away from oversized versions or if you’re a bit on the bulky side then go for solid-colored matching separates in dark tones.


Still not convinced? Let’s show you some real inspiration straight from the runway!

The cropped jacket pantsuit:


Brocade pants and an embellished cropped blazer jacket, what’s not to love about it? Designed by Kamiar Rokni, this is love at first sight.

The matching blazer and pants in brocade:


Another very popular wedding wear pantsuit was this one by Maheen Ghani Taseer. With cut-work embellished boot pants and a matching brocade blazer, this was one super stylish suit!

The cape jacket pantsuit:


Not the bling bling and over the top wedding wear sort? Maybe you can check out the cape jacket suit by Ayesha Somaya. It’s minimalistic and statement setting and that beautiful emerald color is divine.

The heavily embellished pantsuit:


One of my absolute favorites was this full-embellished pantsuit from Karma’s collection shown at PSFW. It’s so chic and oh so beautiful!

The velvet belted-wrap jacket pantsuit:



The most recent version of the pantsuit on the eastern wear front is the one by Elan. Classic and oozing elegance, Elan’s pantsuit is a relaxed wrap jacket paired with trousers both made in plush velvet. The colour variations are so stunning, that it’s hard to pick just one.

So what’s the wait for? Go ahead and give pantsuits a chance this Shadi season and you won’t regret! I Promise.

Fashion Edit: Q-Hum style awards 2016

The umpteenth style awards happened last weekend and all of Pakistan’s fashion, film and television frat gathered to embrace the ceremony. Talking about the red carpet, it is really sad to see that yes although all the celebrities show to have a good exposure to modernism and hollywood star style, none really cut the look. Gowns and gowns flooded in all over the place, some garish, some okay-ish and some really puke-ish.

Don’t believe me? just read till the end of this post and you will be convinced. Promise.

Like always, lets start with the good news:

(This list is in random order)


1. Huma Khan

Huma wore a Maheen Karim shimmering jumpsuit with minimal jewels and a black Bottega Veneta knot clutch. Poker straight hair, pulled back in a ponytail with subtle make-up and there you go! She was right on *point* (whatever that means but yeah she totally nailed it).



2. Fauzia Aman

A few ladies dared to try the thigh-high slit trend too , of which only Fauzia was able to carry it with grace. Crystal embellished black heels, a gold watch and a black Bottega Veneta completed her look. Made in velvet, this floor length gown was by Nomi Ansari.



3. Syeda Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat opted really cleverly, she took the complete opposite turn and went for a beautiful (Rohit Bal style) anarkali with gorgeous peacock detailing on the borders. Looking at her was such a treat from all the eye-sore hollywood ball gown knock-offs. Totally pristine and gorgeous, Sarwat did really stand out.



4. Vaneeza Ahmed

This stunning former top-model, chose an Iman Ahmed (body focus) ensemble, adding just a pop of colour with her green Bvlgari handbag. She oozed every bit of grace and elegance.



5. Natasha Saleem

Natasha Saleem from team ‘Sapphire’, wore an Elan satin silk evening gown. She was amongst the very few who were actually able to look sleek and carry a gown with finesse.



Singing sensation Sara Haider wore a saree by Tena Durrani. The reason why she’s on the edge is that; I so love the way she’s draped the palu of her saree. It gives such a twist to the classic silhouette. However, I only wish she had added some bling through jewels or accessories. That makes her border-line on the list!




The most happening list of all time, here goes:

1. Amna Babar

I really like Sana Safinaz as a brand and what they churn out collection after collection, but I don’t understand why most of their red carpet creations are so mediocre and ugly frankly speaking. Dramatic is good, especially for the awards ceremony but it’s got to have class too. That huge bow on petite little Amna is just too overwhelming, and like a lot of people have said this before; she does look like a wrapped up present. The striking colour combo doesn’t help much either.



2. Aminah Sheikh

Aminah has such a beautiful face, it’s such a bummer that her fashion choices always fail her. Aminah opted for a humongous fishtail gown in an army green sort of a colour by the fashion legend of Pakistan – Nilofer Shahid. I have much respect for Ms.Nilofer, but this is just awful. I can still do with the lower but the waist up…terrifying!



3. Amna Ilyas

Okay for a moment if I was okay with that Cinderella ball gown, but that blue headband???? What is that?? Although it’s a well well tailored gown by Nomi Ansari but that styling is too childish and too blue maybe?  UGH!



4. Sara Hijri

Whats with everyone wearing that horrid green??? I’d accept flip-flops with jeans and a tee on the red carpet but I’d never accept a slinky nightwear gown. Inner wear was the new outer wear about two years ago but never did anyone turn up in a ‘haute couture’ nighty, man!!! like seriously! #wasted



5. Zara Abid

There has to be a Morticia Addams on every Pakistani red carpet, this time it was her. Nuf said. #booo

p.s: what is with the two-toned torso??? Iam cringing!!


Photo credits: Movie shoovy

Fashion for thought: 

When bloggers or journalists analyse or critic on red carpet appearances, it does not in any way mean that we hate the particular celebrity or that we are taking out personal grudges on them. To be honest, I don’t even recognise half of them. Nor are we the fashion police, trying to bully out on everyone we see. There’s just a simple thing called ‘Aesthetic’ some people have it inborn, others need help with it.

These shows, events and ceremonies represent us internationally; because they’re broadcasted all over the globe and we as responsible fashion enthusiasts really don’t want our celebrities (the few that we have) to be mocked or made fun off. If you aren’t sure about a look don’t hesitate to CONSULT, it takes extra effort but trust me it’s always worth it. I am looking forward to the time when we too shall have a strong RED CARPET presence amongst others! #babysteps #littleatatime





Favourite 15: PLBW 2016

Bridal week this time round had some really interesting contemporary fusion pieces. I’d like to give a little credit to all the designers for churning up some really skilled couture and not just trashy liberty market embellishments or Indian knock-offs.

Mahgul and The House of Kamiar definitely had the strongest showcase, while others did have their moments here and there. Muse really had some beautiful work done but I feel the brand is getting tad monotonous and needs to break-free to a world beyond those French beadings.

Here are the ones that made it to my favourite 15: (random order)

1.I absolutely love how ‘The House of Kamiar’ has paired sorbet pink and yellow with that blue-grey shade for the shirt. Can’t miss the intricate work details and that perfect tailoring!



2. Nomi Ansari took forward the digitals that Ali Zeeshan had already done in the previous years. Nevertheless, his too was a collection full of some gorgeous bridal couture. This candy pink particularly was my favourite.



3. Muse re-invented the classic red gharara and it was exceptional! It looks so time-less yet so modern. Loved it, not sure about those ‘gajray’ as headbands though.




4. Next outfit is by Mahgul. The fusion of those puffed sleeves into eastern wear bridals, for me was very very modish! And those pants are just to die-for or maybe worth selling-a-kidney for! ha!




5. Another colour-block creation by ‘The house of Kamiar’, so beautifully executed! That chaddar is a stunning piece!




6. The colour of this bridal is so striking and what amazing work is that on the shirt, another piece from ‘The house of Kamiar’.




7. Mahgul creation again with an  intricately embellished peplum top and their ever popular velvet cutwork pants.




8. Zara Shajahan just had me completely on this one, that kiran trim on the duppata, the classic styling and shimmering gold; being an 80’s kid I can relate with this old-charm on so many levels.




9. Muse again, exceptional tailoring and exquisite craftmanship!



10. Ali Zeeshan has upgraded a whole lot since his last bridal showcase. It was more practical, the clothes made sense and what he presented stood out from all the other designer showcases. These heavily embellished lehngas with the sheer appliquéd duppatas totally made the cut.



11. That cape though! Beautiful beyond words.



12. The double-shirt trend slowly diffusing into bridal wear, was a treat to see, especially when done so subtle and beautifully. Another piece by Mahgul.




13.  Nomi really knows his way about colours,that many colours in a single outfit can really be claustrophobic but he somehow makes it work and it looks wow!



14. Sania Maskatiya; sticking to her commercial and sell-able aesthetic had little experimentation in her silhouettes. This fluid gold gharara though looked breath-taking on the ramp!


15. Farah and Fatima gave a fairly adequate debut. Since I am a sucker for classics, be it in cut, colour combo or styling, this certainly had to make my list. The red and mustard palette is such classic of our Eastern bridals which took a high ride especially back in the 90s. Very beautifully done, I just wish there was a duppata to go with it.