Fashion edit: Lux Style Awards 2018

The Lux Style Awards 2018 took place last week in Lahore. Celebrity attendance was pretty low and the show itself was short of gripping acts or performances. Looking at the positive side, the red carpet showed so much improvement and boy I am so glad. Although there were a lot of Bollywood inspirations coming in, but as long as you’re making the red carpet of Pakistan proud, a little aesthetic help from here and there doesn’t hurt (much). Before I list my best and worst dressed, I can’t stress enough on the fact that I have absolutely no animosity towards the particular actress or model so please do not take it personal. We’re here to discuss the clothes and the looks that went with it, nothing beyond that. If there is an aim of this critique then that is to make the stylists, non-stylists and self-proclaimed stylists realise that yes your work is being watched and judged and we will not let you turn celebrity clients into clowns and send them on to the red carpet. Thank you very much.

BEST DRESSED: (In random order)

1. FRIEHA ALTAF : I have literally been waiting ages to have Frieha on the best dressed list and finally on the day of her acheieving the “Lifetime achievement” award, she ends up on my list *yay*. In a Sana Safinaz crushed toga-esque gown with fringes and fur topped with diamonds and the perfect pumps, she looked just GLAM!



2. AYESHA OMAR: Ayesha had an outfit change during the show and this was her second look. In a satin one-shoulder gathered bodice dress by Kristina Fidelskaya, Ayesha looked fairly gorgeous. Since Ayesha’s return from the big fat Maybelline event in New York, there’s a whole new confidence emerging from her. Lets just hope it isn’t temporary and that she becomes a seasoned red carpet attendee soon.



3. SADAF KANWAL: Sadaf Kanwal has really started to master the art of carrying whatever she wears, really well. For the Lux awards she chose to wear a deep blue satin gown by Zaheer Abbas. Coming from a local designer, the stitch and fit is fantastic since satin is a very tricky and delicate fabric to work with and I believe the finesse of this gown can be matched with any international designer. Gold tasseled earring and strappy  heels made this look a winner.



4. UZMA HASSAN: So many saree appearances on the red carpet but absolutely non carried it with such poise and grace as Uzma Hassan. She wore a beautiful marigold Indian silk saree by Wasim Khan. Hints of accent colours and a choker necklace around her neck..beautiful!



5. MEHEK SAEED: Mehek Saeed of Grazia Pakistan really really stood out in that futuristic vibe bustier gown by Hussain Rehar. Dangly earrings and sultry make-up by the super talented Fatima Nasir added the cherry on top. She looked totally red carpet ready! Thumbs up, to you woman!



ON THE EDGE: Mixed thoughts on this ‘Hurrem Sultan’ inspired look on Mathira designed by Mansoor Akram. Waist up I think she looks really nice but on the lower half it’s either too much volume thats bothering or that frilly nightgown type detail seems a bit overwhelming. What do you guys think?



WORST DRESSED: (in random order, although the order doesn’t make a difference since they were all horrible)

1. URWA HOCANE: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha (MNR) has been churning out really nice work since the brand launch but this is pure disaster. Fringes and fur in all the wrong places, and then the ugly 3D embellishment and don’t even start me on that hideous train at her back. Urwa is such a popular star amongst the masses and it’s really sad that she has nearly always failed to impress.



2. SANAM SAEED: Another regular on our worst dressed list, Sanam Saeed! Why would anyone celebrity wear a bridesmaid gown to an award ceremony? Indeed it’s beautiful on it’s own since it’s by the master couture house Rami al Ali but isn’t it a little too tight? How did she breathe, walk or even exist in it???


3. SAHEEFA JABBAR KHATTAK: It’s good to make statements but if they look like this then maybe not. Her look is as confusing as Imran Khan’s choices of spouses. And is that a sheer trouser peeking under the skirt hem? OH LORD! *toaba*



4. NIMRA KHAN: When you are short on time and you just add on to your silk satin night suit *weep weep*. This Zubia Zainab creation is ugly to the bones, I am really sorry to say! The colour, the stitching and the drape is so so so bad in taste.



5. ROMA MICHAEL: And yes this cropped top monstroisty happened too. I need not say more, the sensible will understand 😉



FASHION FOR THOUGHT:  With the ‘Red Carpet’ being a very westernised concept, it is naturally expected to see celebrities in gowns, dresses and everything western. This year, Sajal Ali and Mahirah Khan chose eastern attire on the red carpet which didn’t go down well with the majority of people. Some said ‘it was too shadi-type’, others said it was too desi and so on. Although it isn’t a crime to wear eastern outfits on the red carpet but the least you can do is make the right choice of the outfit. Here’s what these ladies wore:


Looking at these you can’t deny that they don’t look wedding or Nikkah ready. Okay, Sajal in her IVY peshwas can maybe get away with it but Mahirah in the gharara and all, with just a tikka missing it is actually a full on bridal look. What if one fine day, say Jennifer Aniston decides to wear a white wedding gown to the Oscars? How awkward would that be? It’s new for us but eastern wear has ruled the red carpet many times internationally, it’s just about projecting it properly and styling it fiercely. Just for the record here are two unforgettable looks from Sonam and Vidya at the Cannes in 2014 and 2013 respectively:

sonam cannes 14.jpg


So yes you can make statement style happen in desi wear too, but only with the right combination of make-up, styling and outfit. It’s easier to get away with a ball gown or a dress but eastern wear is tricky. Red carpet events don’t happen often in Pakistan, but when they do, all we ask of our celebrities is the decency to dress like a STAR and have an attitude to go with it. Is that too much asking?

That’s all for now folks, see you when the next carpet rolls out! 😉 Ciao!


Fashion edit: Lux Style awards 2017

The Lux style awards happened over the weekend and while some acts of the show were particularly amusing the red carpet remained its boring self. With over 15 celebrities clad in Sana Safinaz, it’s pretty unfair to even call it a ‘Red carpet’. What’s the rat race about? In competition to who will have the most celebrity endorsement on the red carpet, our designers have literally killed the whole enthusiasm of the red carpet. Model after model, all in the same designer-wear. It honestly was like watching a re-run of the Sana Safinaz PSFW2017 fashion show. Please stop this madness and forced brand endorsement, and let the stylist or celebrity decide for themselves what they can actually pull off. Oh and then there was this other group of celebrities who chose to wear the most RANDOM ‘XYZ’ international designer, unheard of and completely unknown of but just because it was a ‘gora designer’ so why not! ugh!

After much scrutiny, here’s my edit for the LSA red carpet:

(the list is in random order)


  1. Noor Bhatty: It was mostly models that ruled the red carpet with their a-game styling. Noor looked fabulous in a black fitted gown with a voluminous but not so overwhelming train by the maestros at ‘The house of Kamiar Rokni’. Accessorised with a chunky choker and a diamond bracelet, Noor’s look is a winner!


2.  Kiran Malik: I’d say this was the most daring and edgy look of the night and I loved it! A very minimalistic power suit with a big, bold, and beautiful pearl and ruby choker. Wowzah this one!


3. Mehreen Syed: Black dominated the night, and Mehreen Syed looked every bit elegant in a peplum top gown by Mahgul. Loving the scribbled gold detailing. Hair, make-up everything is on point.


4. Sara Hijri : Sara chose an embellished column gown by Maheen Karim and carried it off pretty well. The hair is so perfectly styled and complements the gown well.


5. Tooba Siddiqui: Tooba’s red carpet appearance was love at first sight. In a Tena Durrani peplum outfit and topped with a Knot clutch, Tooba oozed classiness.


On the edge: 

Ayesha Omer has really upgraded her style quotient so got to give credit where it’s deserved. At the LSA, Ayesha opted for a Michael Cinco off the runway mauve couture dress which was a beautiful one indeed but my only concern was that of the proportions. Had it been custom made on her size, it would have been a winner look. It was tad oversized and too overwhelming for Ayesha’s delicate frame. The styling however was fab.

18034142_1358609427567174_4021883731323620709_n       Michael-Cinco-Couture-Fall-16-4-682x1024


  1. Meera jee: Meera jee needs no introduction, she’s the number one actor in her own little world which makes it no surprise that she’s number one on our list too. Such a badly draped monstrosity of a dress and that audacious sparkling bucket bag, wah Meera wah! you never fail to surprise us with the worst.17951529_1358610004233783_7196501256284961501_n

2. Zhalay Sarhadi: Zhalay always makes pretty decent fashion choices, I wonder what went wrong at the LSA’s. I swear even Cinderella’s mouse friends constructed a better evening gown than this pile of ombre trash.


3. Momina Mustehsan: Pakistan’s favourite sweetheart, totally wasted in that ugly looking out-dated black gown. The hairstyle adds on so much age and the dress adds on so much weight, not very flattering at all. A big thumbs down.


4. Amna Baber: Sana Safinaz represent Amna Baber, obviously in Sana Safinaz couture. There were so many other great pieces from this collection, I wonder why this? She looks like a grown-up in a kids costume. Should have just switched the ugly ruffled skirt for some basic jeans and things would have turned over for the better.


5. Maya Ali: It pains me when such beautiful women make such horrible red carpet choices. Too much red? or too much embellishment? or Little red riding hood comes to Pakistan? ugh!! we will never know.


Fashion edit: Bin roye promos

Our country’s darling celebrity, Mahirah Khan is fairly busy promoting her upcoming movie ‘Bin roye’. Bin roye is directed by Momina Duraid and is releasing under the banner of Hum network. Alongside Mahirah, we will be seeing Humayun Saeed and Armeena Khan. The whole cast has been spotted at various cities for the promotion of their venture, let’s wish them all the best and we hope this turns out to be a huge success!

Looking at the promos of ‘Bin Roye’, one can safely say that it’s a commercial rom-com entertainer with probably no new tale to tell and such was the fate of Mahirah’s ‘very safe’ ensembles which were unveiled upon us event after event. Some major boring looks while others were average, the whole ‘CELEBRITY’ wow factor was definitely missing. It’s honestly sad to see such pretty faces make such inappropriate sartorial choices. *heart ache*

So let’s see what she wore: (I swear I was more excited about her TUC series here, rather than these)

And it all began here, for the Bin Roye press meet, Mahirah was seen adorning a beautiful Elan saree. Yes the saree was beautiful but was it suitable for the event in question? The super long palu, the drabby make-up and hair-do, do no justice to her or her celebrity persona.


Another safe, girl next door, look. Wearing Sania Maskatiya for her movie promotion on ‘Subah saveray samaa ke saath’.


Okay so this Umaima Mustafa ensemble for another press meet was a lot better than so many other appearances of Mahirah. She looks chic.


For the Bin Roye music launch in Dubai, Mahirah chose to wear an outift by Feeha Jamshed. I don’t know whats more distracting; the inner clothes or the outer one. The tied hair are still better though.

10502072_901360369925585_6629111532757647398_nOne of Mahirah’s better looks. Going basic with blue denim and black jacket topped with jewellery from Outhouse.


For another press meet in Lahore, Mahirah wore another Feeha Jamshed ruffled collar outfit. Waist up I think she looks great, waist down; not so much. There’s something wrong about the length of the shirt, gives me the “nurse doctor” vibes.


My favourite look. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. The yellow looks so lovely and the hair and make up compliment too! Mahirah Khan in a Nida Azwer outfit on the sets of ‘Mazaker raat’, promoting her movie.

nida azwer

On the show Jago Pakistan Jago, Mahirah supported a Sania Maskatiya tomato red peshwas. Safe and predictable pretty.

saniya maskatiya

I love this outfit that Mahirah wore for her promo at Cinepax Lahore but having said that, sadly that’s about it. The hair and make-up was such a downer, same ol same ol. She’s wearing a Mahgul piece. That top is beautiful!


For her promotions in Islamabad, Mahirah wore Misha Lakhani. I won’t say much, looks like she sprained an ankle there. ouch!

misha lkhani

Back in Karachi, Mahirah gave us a Lucknowi avatar, wearing her own peshwas she got from India. Pretty bland was everything from hair do to clothes.


The movie premiere night in Karachi saw Mahirah supporting a Muse gharara with their Muse signature embellishment top. Not feeling the look at although I do love everything as ‘separates’. This girl can do so much better, I don’t see confidence in any of her looks. They are all so made-up, “I’m not bothered about what I wear, I’ll look pretty anyway” sort of an attitude. Mahirah show us your fierce side, the one which shows that you can totally OWN the whole celebrity persona, please?


Releasing worldwide on Eid-ul-fitr, wishing the cast all the best! Happy watching everyone!


Fashion edit: Olper’s tvc 2015

Such a beautifully directed television commercial; Olper’s new tvc is definitely a breather from the “I you” ones. It visualises so many moments that we can relate to from our everyday lives. Although it looks more of a table advertisement then that of a milk carton, one can not possibly miss how gorgeous Sanam Saeed looks in her portion of the tvc. She’s seen wearing the a divine Sania Maskatiya creation. It’s that striking gold and red combination, that makes her stand out from all the rest and one can simply not miss the prominence of her attire. Sanam is at her stunning best!


This dress was also worn by Anum Aqeel at the ARY awards last year:

anum aqeel

Looks as if this was a modified version of a piece shown earlier by Sania Maskatiya, at the L’oreal Paris Bridal Couture week in 2013:


Watch the commercial right here:

Happy viewing!

Fashion edit: Raja Natwarlal Promos

So Humaima Malick has been pretty busy lately promoting her first Bollywood movie “Raja Natwarlal” alongside Emraan Hashmi her co-star. What I’ve been noticing is that how professional India is in promoting their movies, casts and crews. They pay attention to each and every detail so and so that whichever Pakistani artist crosses the border, they suddenly transform into stars and are so well-groomed then ever before. I mean look at Fawad Afzal Khan for example:

Fawad-Khan-Mahira-Navin-Humsafar-Photo-Shoot-4This is a shot from his very popular drama serial “Humsafar”

And then he crosses the border and POOOOOOOOOOF!!!


I mean WOW!

Anyways, so back to Humaima;

It’s amongst the Bollywood culture to promote their movies at various events, tv shows, cities and through social media. Hence, Humaima is being seen around quite a lot since the last month. She even has her new official Facebook page being managed by Kiara Advani in India. Here’s a roundup of her appearances starting with the best ones:

This was undoubtedly the best look from all of the rest at least! Promoting on the sets of India’s Best Cine Stars Ki Khoj Humaima was wearing a Pankaj and Nidhi sheer top with a white Alexander Wang skirt, spiked cuff and pale grey pointed heels. Styling by Kshitij Kankaria.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.37.57 AM

At the Raja Natwarlal press meet Humaima wore a Pinko dress with earrings by Manish Arora for Amrapali. Paired with nude heels, she looked fairly good (despite the really bad hemming).

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.38.24 AM

Another ensemble which faired well:

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.41.14 AM

A tropical printed crop top and skirt by Nitya Bajaj, spiked cuff and black pointed heels. Although the print doesn’t bowl me over but the styling saves the whole look.

These stood out for me. The rest was a series of some averages and misses mostly, here are the details:

At the Raja Natwarlal wrap party Humaima wore a Zara lace skirt with a Mango top, DVF yellow clutch and nude Steve Madden heels.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.51.33 AM

For the theatrical trailer launch, Humaima supported a monochrome outfit by Missa more. Belted at the waist with nude heels and minimalist styling.  This would have been a much better look had the hair not been so drab. They still look reasonable in this click but by the time she reached the venue they went haywire – not a nice sighting!

      Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.41.37 AM                     10565253_285539791630391_928302245631755056_n

Next up, Humaima was seen wearing a Zara top, Diesel Denims, Aquamarine jewelry and  Zara shoes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.43.07 AM

Okay this was the worst of them all:

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.43.35 AM

At Radio City, Bandra Mumbai for the promo event Humaima wore a sheer Zara dress over a white camisole and denim shorts. The sheer dress is chic as a separate but with those horrible denims oh no!

Carrying on her promotions at PVR, Mumbai, Humaima wore a McQ by Alexander McQueen mesh top paired with a Zara skirt, Zara ankle boots. I love the skirt as a separate but as for the whole look, is it just me getting the robotic/futuristic vibes?

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.50.54 AM

For her promotional event in Matunga, Humaima wore a white cutout dress with a red pout and sleek hairdo. Mesh dress by Soak clothing paired with gold pointed heels.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 11.42.59 PM

Promoting her movie on the sets of “Jhalak Dikhlaja”, Humaima took the eastern route and wore a black and gold Rick Roy saree with jewelry by Curio Cottage.


And now the cherry on the top for all things worse:


At the Enigma Club, Humaima wore a printed pale blue shirt with faded denim, a studded gold belt and the ugliest maroon high top boots. Not working, disastrous!

Before we see more fairly average appearances, Humaima seriously has to do something about that cheek contouring!

Raja Natwarlal comes out on 29th August 2014; happy watching!!!


Photo credits: Kiara Advani and Kshitij Kankaria

Fashion edit: ARY film awards 2014

Another awards ceremony, another fashion circus. Clowns, jugglers, hoopers yep! all of them in one place. Lets begin with the best!

Top five best dressed celebs: (I think my final year thesis was easier than compiling this list!)

1. Ushna Shah 

In the most beautiful magenta, Ushna Shah opted for an Asim Jofa silk gown and she looked amazing! From styling to accessories, everything was absolutely fuss free. I’ve been pleasantly surprised for once, she rocked the red carpet !



2. Cybil Chowdary

Cybil wore a heavily embellished black gown from HSY’s Venom collection which he showcased at the Pakistan fashion week in Karachi. She added a sheer jacket to the gown which was from the same collection. She looked wicked (in a stunning way of course!). The tousled hair, red lips and emerald green clutch added just the right amount of color break and at the right places! Gorgeous-ness!



Image    Image

HSY Venom collection at Pakistan fashion week 2014

3. Aamina Sheikh

Aamina chose to wear a Sana Safinaz ensemble. The hot pink and black combo stood out from the crowd instantly and she looked stunning. Iam glad she’s upgraded from last time, I told you she had potential to look fabulous and here she is right on number three!



4. Sana Bucha

Sana Bucha was seen clad in a Shehla Chatoor saree from her recent “Samsara” collection shown at the Pfdc sunsilk fashion week last month. With just a choker around her neck, she let the saree do the talking. Loved the look – effortless and chic!




5. Ammara Hikmat

The lovely publicist at Encycyclomedia PR wore an ensemble from Zara Shahjehan’s latest love bug collection. Ammara carries it incredibly well and far better than how it was seen on the ramp!

Image    Image


Noor opted for a lightly embellished pale peachy saree by Faiza Saqlain. Although she did look good, she could have made a better choice of the color. Slightly too pale for an evening event, she’s on the fence!


And now the clowns and jugglers:

The top six worst dressed celebs: (because five weren’t enough!)

1. Aizah Khan

I’ve ran out of words already! Everything is so busy I can’t focus. The saree on it’s own was good enough don’t know why the jacket had to be added. Aizah is wearing a saree and long jacket from Nomi Ansari’s “Gravity” collection shown at Pakistan fashion week previously. The whole look is so suffocating and fugly already and to top it the way it’s been draped totally kills everything for me!


Image    Image

2. ?????

Ohkay so here’s Miss XYZ. Neck up she’s a pretty picture but the rest OMG. Did the designer just burn the dress from below while ironing it and then quickly translate it into a cutline? What is this??? Is this a modern day eastern tail coat which I didn’t pay attention to in my costume theory class?? DAYEM! She’s just missing the red nose!


3. Sanam Saeed

Is it the belt? is it the shoes? I think it’s the ghastly styling or maybe the combination of all three which landed Sanam all the way here. I love the Sana Safinaz jacket, wish she could have just paired it with a black jumpsuit and some gold pumps THAT’S all she needed. Life is better simple, why complicate it so much? The belt and shoes are terrible by the way!


4. Sabina Pasha

I can’t seem to find a front view of this uber dreadful dress which is apparently by Shehla Chatoor. However the front may be still this doesn’t qualify in any case for the event in question. For the after party maybe yes (if there was one)  but for the awards ceremony? No darling!  The length, the color, the material, what a waste! Looks as if she forgot to wear something under/over it? ? ?  ? ? ?


5. Rubya Chaudhry

Wearing a dress from Ali Zeeshan’s “Trouble” collection shown at Pfdc fashion week 2014, Rubya’s styling killed the whole statement-making potential that this dress had! It looked far better on the ramp. She can qualify for the juggler or maybe the hooper!



Ali Zeeshan’s Trouble collection at Pfdc fashion week 2014

6. Mahirah Khan

Having a pretty face does not give you the license to dress up so inappropriate and get away with it too! Was she going to the screening of ARY awards or the ceremony itself? Dressed up in MNG, this is sheer or maybe opaque dissappointment!


I don’t know how many websites, emails and facebook pages I had to go through to make this blogpost possible so just to say all photos are respective properties of their owners and have been used only for entertainment purposes thank you!

Fashion edit: Hum awards 2014

Such disastrous satorial sightings at the Hum awards 2014 (read: Big fat desi walima). It took me quite a while to actually register the appalling fashion scene, but somebody’s gotta do it so it might as well be me!

Here goes the good news first;

Top five best dressed (read: BETTER dressed) celebs:

1. Mahirah Khan

The most appropriately dressed female was perhaps Mahirah Khan. She looked fabulous. The hairdo. the perfectly fitted fishtail skirt and the subtle makeup. Her look was a little reminiscent of her popular “Humsafar” avatar. She could have added slightly bigger blingy studs but nevertheless she tops the list.



2. Syra Yousaf

Syra looked gorgeous in her custom made Sania Maskatiya dress. Not cropping her out of this photo, I think they’re the cutest celeb couple!

ImageImage    Image

3. Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas was a tough contender for the first slot but those ill-fitted peep toes *cringe*. Accessorizing it perfectly, she pulled off the Shehla Chatoor gown well though.



4. Safina Behroz

This woman is probably the most gracefully dressed celebrity wife amongst all other females of her generation. She had to be in the top list, hands down! Trust me she’s even way better dressed than most of the younger lot too, read ahead and find out!

Image    Image


5. Alishba Yousuf

Wearing the most gorgeous shade of green and with the right statement jewelry pieces, Alishba Yousuf takes the final slot in the best dressed list.




Gia Ali chose to wear a piece from Fahd Hussayn’s latest aristoanarchy collection shown at the Fashion Pakistan week earlier this year. I think that although the gown was spot on with the event (a very marchesa-que attire), but it looked as if it was a whole size small for her (look at the creasing bodice). The styling was good enough and so was the accessorizing, I just wish she’d worn the right fit *sigh*. She’s on the edge.



Fahd Hussayn Aristoanarchy collection 2014


Top five worst of the worst dressed celebs (read: fashion criminals): 

1. Unknown 

Who the ……. ?,  What the ……. ?? , Why did she even bother? And where do I even start from? The hideous white platform shoes, the fugliest dress or the totally out of context styling. Her stylist needs to find a new job, somewhere in Star Trek maybe! 


2. Rubya Chaudhry

I don’t know who she’s wearing and tbh I don’t want to know either. This clingy horribly draped dress is just so unflattering. Make-up and hair is pretty shoddy too.   



3. Nida Yasir

Yup! exactly what we needed on the red carpet; our very own desi Morticia Addams, here to attend her best friend’s walima! URGH!


4. Unknown (to me at least):

I think she deserved the “Desi Morticia” title more than Nida. Okay so here’s the desi Morticia part 2 and she’s probably here for the walima too. (the hair and that saree *shudders* )


5. Ayesha Omer

Did everyone mistake the Hum awards for the “best Morticia look-alike” contest? I mean it’s like a whole parade of Morticia’s walking down the red carpet. This goth meets oscars look is devastating especially coming from such a pretty face. What a hot mess indeed!


(Photo credits: ebuzz and the Hum network interactive dept.) 

P.S: This list is endless, thank God I just had to mention five from the whole tsunami of horrendous fashion!