Fashion edit: Lux Style awards 2017

The Lux style awards happened over the weekend and while some acts of the show were particularly amusing the red carpet remained its boring self. With over 15 celebrities clad in Sana Safinaz, it’s pretty unfair to even call it a ‘Red carpet’. What’s the rat race about? In competition to who will have the most celebrity endorsement on the red carpet, our designers have literally killed the whole enthusiasm of the red carpet. Model after model, all in the same designer-wear. It honestly was like watching a re-run of the Sana Safinaz PSFW2017 fashion show. Please stop this madness and forced brand endorsement, and let the stylist or celebrity decide for themselves what they can actually pull off. Oh and then there was this other group of celebrities who chose to wear the most RANDOM ‘XYZ’ international designer, unheard of and completely unknown of but just because it was a ‘gora designer’ so why not! ugh!

After much scrutiny, here’s my edit for the LSA red carpet:

(the list is in random order)


  1. Noor Bhatty: It was mostly models that ruled the red carpet with their a-game styling. Noor looked fabulous in a black fitted gown with a voluminous but not so overwhelming train by the maestros at ‘The house of Kamiar Rokni’. Accessorised with a chunky choker and a diamond bracelet, Noor’s look is a winner!


2.  Kiran Malik: I’d say this was the most daring and edgy look of the night and I loved it! A very minimalistic power suit with a big, bold, and beautiful pearl and ruby choker. Wowzah this one!


3. Mehreen Syed: Black dominated the night, and Mehreen Syed looked every bit elegant in a peplum top gown by Mahgul. Loving the scribbled gold detailing. Hair, make-up everything is on point.


4. Sara Hijri : Sara chose an embellished column gown by Maheen Karim and carried it off pretty well. The hair is so perfectly styled and complements the gown well.


5. Tooba Siddiqui: Tooba’s red carpet appearance was love at first sight. In a Tena Durrani peplum outfit and topped with a Knot clutch, Tooba oozed classiness.


On the edge: 

Ayesha Omer has really upgraded her style quotient so got to give credit where it’s deserved. At the LSA, Ayesha opted for a Michael Cinco off the runway mauve couture dress which was a beautiful one indeed but my only concern was that of the proportions. Had it been custom made on her size, it would have been a winner look. It was tad oversized and too overwhelming for Ayesha’s delicate frame. The styling however was fab.

18034142_1358609427567174_4021883731323620709_n       Michael-Cinco-Couture-Fall-16-4-682x1024


  1. Meera jee: Meera jee needs no introduction, she’s the number one actor in her own little world which makes it no surprise that she’s number one on our list too. Such a badly draped monstrosity of a dress and that audacious sparkling bucket bag, wah Meera wah! you never fail to surprise us with the worst.17951529_1358610004233783_7196501256284961501_n

2. Zhalay Sarhadi: Zhalay always makes pretty decent fashion choices, I wonder what went wrong at the LSA’s. I swear even Cinderella’s mouse friends constructed a better evening gown than this pile of ombre trash.


3. Momina Mustehsan: Pakistan’s favourite sweetheart, totally wasted in that ugly looking out-dated black gown. The hairstyle adds on so much age and the dress adds on so much weight, not very flattering at all. A big thumbs down.


4. Amna Baber: Sana Safinaz represent Amna Baber, obviously in Sana Safinaz couture. There were so many other great pieces from this collection, I wonder why this? She looks like a grown-up in a kids costume. Should have just switched the ugly ruffled skirt for some basic jeans and things would have turned over for the better.


5. Maya Ali: It pains me when such beautiful women make such horrible red carpet choices. Too much red? or too much embellishment? or Little red riding hood comes to Pakistan? ugh!! we will never know.



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