Favourite 15 – PSFW 2017

Spread over a course of three days, PFDC Sunsilk fashion week has finally come to an end. Retail giants like Sapphire, Generation and Khaadi Khaas had the strongest presence and it was sad to see how little the other big designers had to offer in terms of design and innovation. Maybe they were doing it half-heartedly or maybe they’re busy with other more lucrative events? who knows!

Here’s a list of my favourite pieces:

  1. First up is a wrap jacket outfit by HSY. I love the orange pop against the monochrome and with so much geometrical print going on the whole look still manages to be cohesive and classic.


2. This outfit by Cross stitch just had me floored because of those gorgeous oversized ruffled flared pants!



3. Next up is this beautifully embroidered sheer crop jacket over a navy base by Saira Rizwan.


4. Khaadi Khaas had the most ethnic collection with ever so detailing! This embellished dress was an absolute stunner!


5. Another brilliant piece from Khaadi Khaas.


6. Shoutout to “Ethnic by outfitters’ ! Such an apt retail collection. It was cohesive, you could see a mood and story board happening right there on the runway. A very gelled together and well-thought out showcase. *thumbs up*


7. Another Ethnic by Outfitters piece. What a perfectly stitched culotte is that!


8. Another EBO sheer dress. You can’t miss the details on those trainers !


9. So yes Ethnic by Outfitters probably rules my list this time. And my absolute favourite piece was this printed pyjamas outfit which I mistook for a jumpsuit initially. Can’t wait till this hits the stores.


10. Coming from a strong bridal couture background, Saira Rizwan’s ready to wear collection was fairly decent, wearable and chic. I loved the hints of tie-n-dye and the whole easy-going smooth look.


11. Another pretty dress from Saira Rizwan. Top it off with a oversized beautiful hat or fascinator and I can totally imagine some celebrity or high-profile wearing it to the ‘Royal Ascot’.

saira riizwan

12. A one-piece wonder from the otherwise very average collection by Faiza Saqlain. Iman looks gorgeous as ever in that lime! Loved the sleeve detail.

faiza saqlain

13. My only favourite outfit from Sania Maskatiya was this. Maybe I expected more from this brand because ready to wear is their forte. Those paper bag pants were pretty cool and well on trend.


14. Ali Xeeshan lives in a world of his own and Man! does he thoroughly enjoy it! He has no rules to follow and with every collection he’s becoming the master of his ‘own’ game. He’s shown us Disney Characters, monkeys, parrots and this time it was a line of trophies coming down the runway. A mix and match collection since like I said; Ali doesn’t stick to norms. My favourite was this printed flared top and flared pants.


15. Sapphire presented a colour palette that was more bent towards fall/winter type collections. I feel it was a teeny weeny bit overly dark for summers. Nonetheless, the stitching was to perfection with not a thread out of place! 

Here’s ending my list with this chic cloak dress from Sapphire. The tiger embroidery is very reminiscent of the Gucci tiger embroideries but then tigers are tigers, they look the same all over the world … don’t they? 😉


Fashion for thought: 

I’d put in a small request for the people responsible of holding the fashion shows…please work on those front rows because they really matter. Those uncles, aunties, and babies can very well see the view from the second row too, I am sure. Please put people who matter in front and see the difference it makes. Thank you and welcome.


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