Fashion Edit: Q-Hum style awards 2016

The umpteenth style awards happened last weekend and all of Pakistan’s fashion, film and television frat gathered to embrace the ceremony. Talking about the red carpet, it is really sad to see that yes although all the celebrities show to have a good exposure to modernism and hollywood star style, none really cut the look. Gowns and gowns flooded in all over the place, some garish, some okay-ish and some really puke-ish.

Don’t believe me? just read till the end of this post and you will be convinced. Promise.

Like always, lets start with the good news:

(This list is in random order)


1. Huma Khan

Huma wore a Maheen Karim shimmering jumpsuit with minimal jewels and a black Bottega Veneta knot clutch. Poker straight hair, pulled back in a ponytail with subtle make-up and there you go! She was right on *point* (whatever that means but yeah she totally nailed it).



2. Fauzia Aman

A few ladies dared to try the thigh-high slit trend too , of which only Fauzia was able to carry it with grace. Crystal embellished black heels, a gold watch and a black Bottega Veneta completed her look. Made in velvet, this floor length gown was by Nomi Ansari.



3. Syeda Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat opted really cleverly, she took the complete opposite turn and went for a beautiful (Rohit Bal style) anarkali with gorgeous peacock detailing on the borders. Looking at her was such a treat from all the eye-sore hollywood ball gown knock-offs. Totally pristine and gorgeous, Sarwat did really stand out.



4. Vaneeza Ahmed

This stunning former top-model, chose an Iman Ahmed (body focus) ensemble, adding just a pop of colour with her green Bvlgari handbag. She oozed every bit of grace and elegance.



5. Natasha Saleem

Natasha Saleem from team ‘Sapphire’, wore an Elan satin silk evening gown. She was amongst the very few who were actually able to look sleek and carry a gown with finesse.



Singing sensation Sara Haider wore a saree by Tena Durrani. The reason why she’s on the edge is that; I so love the way she’s draped the palu of her saree. It gives such a twist to the classic silhouette. However, I only wish she had added some bling through jewels or accessories. That makes her border-line on the list!




The most happening list of all time, here goes:

1. Amna Babar

I really like Sana Safinaz as a brand and what they churn out collection after collection, but I don’t understand why most of their red carpet creations are so mediocre and ugly frankly speaking. Dramatic is good, especially for the awards ceremony but it’s got to have class too. That huge bow on petite little Amna is just too overwhelming, and like a lot of people have said this before; she does look like a wrapped up present. The striking colour combo doesn’t help much either.



2. Aminah Sheikh

Aminah has such a beautiful face, it’s such a bummer that her fashion choices always fail her. Aminah opted for a humongous fishtail gown in an army green sort of a colour by the fashion legend of Pakistan – Nilofer Shahid. I have much respect for Ms.Nilofer, but this is just awful. I can still do with the lower but the waist up…terrifying!



3. Amna Ilyas

Okay for a moment if I was okay with that Cinderella ball gown, but that blue headband???? What is that?? Although it’s a well well tailored gown by Nomi Ansari but that styling is too childish and too blue maybe?  UGH!



4. Sara Hijri

Whats with everyone wearing that horrid green??? I’d accept flip-flops with jeans and a tee on the red carpet but I’d never accept a slinky nightwear gown. Inner wear was the new outer wear about two years ago but never did anyone turn up in a ‘haute couture’ nighty, man!!! like seriously! #wasted



5. Zara Abid

There has to be a Morticia Addams on every Pakistani red carpet, this time it was her. Nuf said. #booo

p.s: what is with the two-toned torso??? Iam cringing!!


Photo credits: Movie shoovy

Fashion for thought: 

When bloggers or journalists analyse or critic on red carpet appearances, it does not in any way mean that we hate the particular celebrity or that we are taking out personal grudges on them. To be honest, I don’t even recognise half of them. Nor are we the fashion police, trying to bully out on everyone we see. There’s just a simple thing called ‘Aesthetic’ some people have it inborn, others need help with it.

These shows, events and ceremonies represent us internationally; because they’re broadcasted all over the globe and we as responsible fashion enthusiasts really don’t want our celebrities (the few that we have) to be mocked or made fun off. If you aren’t sure about a look don’t hesitate to CONSULT, it takes extra effort but trust me it’s always worth it. I am looking forward to the time when we too shall have a strong RED CARPET presence amongst others! #babysteps #littleatatime






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