Favourite 15: PLBW 2016

Bridal week this time round had some really interesting contemporary fusion pieces. I’d like to give a little credit to all the designers for churning up some really skilled couture and not just trashy liberty market embellishments or Indian knock-offs.

Mahgul and The House of Kamiar definitely had the strongest showcase, while others did have their moments here and there. Muse really had some beautiful work done but I feel the brand is getting tad monotonous and needs to break-free to a world beyond those French beadings.

Here are the ones that made it to my favourite 15: (random order)

1.I absolutely love how ‘The House of Kamiar’ has paired sorbet pink and yellow with that blue-grey shade for the shirt. Can’t miss the intricate work details and that perfect tailoring!



2. Nomi Ansari took forward the digitals that Ali Zeeshan had already done in the previous years. Nevertheless, his too was a collection full of some gorgeous bridal couture. This candy pink particularly was my favourite.



3. Muse re-invented the classic red gharara and it was exceptional! It looks so time-less yet so modern. Loved it, not sure about those ‘gajray’ as headbands though.




4. Next outfit is by Mahgul. The fusion of those puffed sleeves into eastern wear bridals, for me was very very modish! And those pants are just to die-for or maybe worth selling-a-kidney for! ha!




5. Another colour-block creation by ‘The house of Kamiar’, so beautifully executed! That chaddar is a stunning piece!




6. The colour of this bridal is so striking and what amazing work is that on the shirt, another piece from ‘The house of Kamiar’.




7. Mahgul creation again with an  intricately embellished peplum top and their ever popular velvet cutwork pants.




8. Zara Shajahan just had me completely on this one, that kiran trim on the duppata, the classic styling and shimmering gold; being an 80’s kid I can relate with this old-charm on so many levels.




9. Muse again, exceptional tailoring and exquisite craftmanship!



10. Ali Zeeshan has upgraded a whole lot since his last bridal showcase. It was more practical, the clothes made sense and what he presented stood out from all the other designer showcases. These heavily embellished lehngas with the sheer appliquéd duppatas totally made the cut.



11. That cape though! Beautiful beyond words.



12. The double-shirt trend slowly diffusing into bridal wear, was a treat to see, especially when done so subtle and beautifully. Another piece by Mahgul.




13.  Nomi really knows his way about colours,that many colours in a single outfit can really be claustrophobic but he somehow makes it work and it looks wow!



14. Sania Maskatiya; sticking to her commercial and sell-able aesthetic had little experimentation in her silhouettes. This fluid gold gharara though looked breath-taking on the ramp!


15. Farah and Fatima gave a fairly adequate debut. Since I am a sucker for classics, be it in cut, colour combo or styling, this certainly had to make my list. The red and mustard palette is such classic of our Eastern bridals which took a high ride especially back in the 90s. Very beautifully done, I just wish there was a duppata to go with it.



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