Fashion Edit: LUX Style awards 2016

The Pakistani ‘Oscars’ thus were finally held in Karachi, known to the common man as the ‘Lux style awards’. Since it’s inception; Lux has always been associated with films and stardom and here’s some vintage proof:


(That’s yesteryears mega movie star ‘Shabnum’)

Although everyone knows who wore what and who won what at this year’s mega ceremony, I thought I’d weigh down my opinions on the matter too. So here’s my best and not-so-best dressed list.

The following are in no particular order, no one came first or second they all looked equally fabulous!

1. Ammara Hikmat

PR whizz Ammara Hikmat, chose a burgundy coloured gown by Zara Shahjehan. The solid colour of her gown made the perfect back-drop for her dark lips, statement jewels and the Alexander Mcqueen skull box clutch. The dress fit her like a glove, no wonder she looked amazing! Got to give Zara the credit for seamless tailoring!



2. Sania Maskatiya

Sania was surely a vision in white. Wearing a jumpsuit from her own label she kept it minimal-chic with hints of jewels and a solid black Bottega knot clutch.



3. Amna Babar

Amna Babar has really evolved as a fashion personality. Moving on from her ‘the girl-next-door’ look, she’s finally got the fashion’s ‘cool cat’ status. She wore a satin monochrome off-the-shoulders gown by dynamic duo Sana and Safinaz, with a huge bow at the back. Keeping the bling minimal but big; she pulled off the look pretty well. *bravo bravo*



4. Raana Khan

So, many of you won’t agree but I think Raana Khan looked spectacular! If there was one person I would send straight to the original ‘Oscars’ event, it would be her. The perfect amalgamation of elegance and experimental, Raana dazzled in a Sadaf Malaterre creation. The gown was beautifully done with bows on the shoulders and such a snug fitting. The wicked combination of a black watch, a Jimmy Choo acrylic clutch and monochrome pointed heels gave her look a punch of modernity and definitely not boring because elegance can sometimes lead to boring and done-to-death type styling. Only she could have worked that hair THAT well honestly! *two thumbs up*


5. Parisheh James

Being Farieha Altaf’s daughter, she most certainly gets an edge but what I really liked about Parisheh’s statement style on the red carpet was that it actually defined her personality. She’s young, energetic and just kicked off her potentially awesome modelling career. Likewise, her Nomi Ansari outfit too is jaunty, youthful and hip. For me, she totally ticked all the right boxes.


BORDERLINE (on the edge): Mahirah Khan

Mahirah khan is beyond beautiful, she’s like the ‘epitome of gorgeous’ perhaps that’s why maybe I expect more from her at every red carpet appearance she makes. Although she asked for public opinion on what she should wear (I don’t know how well that went) but she ended up wearing an elusively huge gown with an equally gigantic train; by Egyptian designer ‘Shahira Lasheen’. I think she took the phrase “go big or go home” too personally. Being the ‘LUX Soap’ represent, she was very near to actually looking like that LUX pink soap bar, like seriously! Over the top gowns like these, go with events that are equally over the top particularly like the Met-gala or the Cannes maybe but for LUX awards it was tad outrageous to digest. It reminded me of the famous line ‘why strive for excellence when only mediocrity is required’. I wish I could chop the train or maybe just lessen the poofy yards of fabric. Nevertheless, waist up she looked as fine as a porcelain doll so that makes her the borderline on the list.


And now Ahaa!! (pirate style because literally there’s going to be fashion bloodshed here onward)

1. Kyra Chaudhry

Looks like a ‘Charme by Aleena Raza’ skirt but then it could be too (with so much counterfeit going on…who knows!). There are so many obvious flaws about this look that even a 5 year old kid could point them out, I mean how can you wear such a horribly stitched top to one of the country’s biggest awards event??? You can be pretty but if you wear horrible clothing it will always always overshadow. The beachy skirt too is distasteful in all manners of formal dressing.


2. Momal Sheikh

Momal wore a ‘Shehla Chatoor’ outfit. If only it was a better fit, she wouldn’t have landed on this spot in the list. Maybe the waist should have been more defined or the draping done with more finesse?


3. Sohai Ali Abro

Listen up babe, that sleeve really wasn’t needed or maybe you could have just skipped the whole garment altogether? It’s more horrid than Henry, just saying..


4. Sajal Ali

Never even in my dreams would I have imagined someone looking so ‘mediocre’ in Elan. Was it on low-budget? My Gosh it’s ugly.

 Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 1.12.17 am

5. Maya Ali

Maya Ali wore a skirt and crop top by Nomi Ansari. Either it was a freebie or it was sponsored, there couldn’t possibly be any other reason of wearing such a dreadful attire on such a pretty face. UGH!

P.s: Alice called from wonderland, she said you can keep the shoes.

 147007081336930 (1)

(photo credits: undoubtedly the best red carpet coverage by Movie Shoovy)

Globally the ‘RED CARPET’ is a spectacular international product placement arena with utmost importance but the sorry state of ours is such that people feel convenient to even turn up in gymming clothes or thong slippers and STILL feel awesomely HIP about it…’lunges and lipgloss’ at a ‘Tux and Ball gown’ event?? are you kidding me/us? *facepalm*


That’s all folks, till the next red carpet! Adios Amigos!!





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