Fashion edit: Hum Awards 2016

Can someone please explain how hard it is to do red carpet coverage? I mean come on!!! Not a single journalist, photographer or HumTV itself was able to put forth decent head to toe pictures of the celebrity attendees. Or even if they did are they too insecure of giving out their work for ‘free’. Internationally the event coverage is so amazing you actually feel like a part of the whole event; detail shots, head to toe pictures and what not and that too all easily available on one click! No need to beg, borrow or steal for that matter.

Bringing you my best dressed (in no particular order):

1. Naveen Waqar

In what looks like a ‘Nida Azwer’ creation (not sure please correct me if I am wrong), Naveen looked absolutely on point. Her attire was very desi but her mod styling saved her. The extremely conventional dhoti shalwar is pretty hard to pull off , which I believe she was successful in doing, I haven’t seen much women carrying a dhoti shalwar so well. Or maybe I am just glad she didn’t go the all ‘Oscars-gown’ way.


2. Sara Bharwana

A ‘Sabyasachi’ anarkali can make any girl look downright fabulous and regal that’s true for sure. But must I keep on emphasising, that at the end of the day the real deal is the stylising. You can ruin a gorgeous outfit by just one bad hair day or even just one ugly accessory (which I will present an example of further on in this blog post). Sara Bharwana took a wise decision and let her dress to do most of the talking, pairing it with a classic Bottega Veneta black clutch and keeping the hair fuss free, her look was a winner!

13082613_599067016915759_7856925090018739167_n      Sarah-Bharwana-at-Red-Carpet-of-4th-Servis-Hum-Awards


3. Alyzeh Gabol

In a Sana Safinaz emerald-green gown, model Aliyzeh Gabol looked rather glam. Minimal accessories made her look effortlessly chic.



4. Nadia Hussain

Pakistan’s supermodel gave quite a surprise on the red carpet. Clad in a gorgeous Ayesha Farook Hashwani embellished gown, Nadia looked stunning. Although yes the bronze make-up needed to be toned down slightly but since lighting and photography influences that, so I am giving her the benefit of doubt.

file   file (1)


5. Syra Shehroz

Syra chose to wear Shehla Chatoor. A black oriental-inspired printed ball gown, accentuated by a narrow gold belt and sleek glossed hair. She looked lovely!



Worst dressed:

There was so much competition in this list that it was difficult figuring out who was worser than whom. Let us proceed to the results:

1. Mrs. Humayoun Saeed

Celebrity spouses take red carpets very non-seriously in our part of the world. Whereas I think they’re equally as ‘celebrity’ as the celebrity himself/herself. Humyoun Saeed is so dapper himself it’s a cry cry cry situation when you see the woman of his life dressed up like that. I don’t know which designer she’s supporting but everything about her is just meh! The tasseled clutch bag, the horrendous skirt/lehnga and the bridal blouse; everything is just so out-of-place. From his expressions, even Humyoun looks out of place! Ha!



2. and 3. Urwa and Mawra Hocane

Wearing european high street brands does not automatically make you oh so ‘cool and hip’ that you don’t have to put any effort for the styling. At such a formal event with women in luxury gowns and men in suits, how could you even commit a sin of wearing such casual clothing. Mawra I’d still pass but Urwa???? Those cornrows, that ugly clown dress and that horrible horrible clutch from ( ugh! And polka dots??? like seriously??? A border of POLKA DOTS???? Where do I end??



4. Fatima Khan

That gorgeous Saira Shakira gown died that very same day, it was seen at the Hum TV awards. It’s sad to see such pretty women making such sad appearances for the red carpet. Is it the dreadlocks? or the freely flowing extra long hemlines? I don’t know, but may you rest in peace dear dress!




5. Nausheen Shah

Nausheen is so fond of making it to the worse dressed list that I don’t think she really puts in any sort of effort anymore. Instead of sultry (which she may have intended to look) she looks so trashy. The open buttoned charmeuse silk shirt, the plump on her head and that nightmarish sequenced skirt. Appalling!




Photo credits: all the above photos belong to their respective owners and are used here only for entertainment (and serious) purposes.


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