Favourite 15: PSFW 2016

And so the fashion week rituals began, and Lahore was flooded with fashionistas and media personnel from all over Pakistan for over four consecutive days. The line-up of designers was great but what they showcased on ramp, could well be defined by the quote “too many attractive outfits, not enough interesting ones”.  Okay so yes, ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Serenity’ were the Pantone colours of the year, but please that does not give you the license to kill us with it’s overdose and yes luxe sportswear inspiration was all the rage ‘LAST YEAR’ on international runways; still doesn’t make sense to shove it into our faces collection after collection. And seriously what’s with all the trashy ‘asymmetrical’ silhouettes? They were horrible man!!! We just tend to take everything one step too far, that we even surpass the trend forecasters themselves.

In case you were wondering what rose quartz and serenity looked like:


Anyways coming back to the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016; Sunsilk as usual in it’s desperate urge to be related to fashion (which it is clearly not), sent out it’s ‘unique’ promotional bottles with the recipient’s face printed on them. As creepy as that sounds, I feel it was a pretty low key campaign – forced and useless. This year too, four designers were chosen to design their own limited edition Sunsilk shampoo bottles along with corresponding garments for the ramp and Nabila was made responsible to work out the hair story of each designer respectively. For me, the ‘Sana Safinaz’ bottle had to be the most relevant and well composed of all four. I love how the illustration just blends into the label design without being too illustrative. The actual dress on ramp wasn’t too bad either, it translated the idea well.


sana    12814680_10153664700sana763451_3488997028166109367_n12813940_1083753851644699_2163364871719085374_n     12814680_10153664700763451_3488997028166109367_ndeepak     dee


















khaadi     khaadi

Let’s proceed to the favourites, shall we now?

In no specific order, lets begin:

1. HSY the king of couture that he’s presumed to be, presented two fully fledged collections. One was for a social cause which we all appreciate and the other was probably for an anti-social (eye-sore) cause which didn’t settle well with the viewers. The best of the 30 pieces he displayed was this aztec-tribal printed burnt orange jumpsuit.

885112_1054269134628603_926069670305138020_o   hsy

2. Feeha Jamshed (although that she was bombarded with copyright acquisitions) had the most well-thought out collection, one could tell how she had built up on a theme and then eventually executed it. For those who know me, would know already about the immense love that I have for the 60’s, and everything having to do with flower power and that era. And especially when it’s done this awesome, Feeha’s pieces were bound to be on my list. Her collection will definitely do great as separates when translated into the retail market. Absolutely loved the detailing on this jacket, paired with the icy blue .


3. Another well conceived design. That organza jacket is love!!


4. Karma also did a fantastic job. Yes a lot of shimmer and glimmer but it was a job well done! The minks and golds were such a breather from all the hotch potch seen earlier in the shows.

karma copy

5. Another piece by Karma. Sequence galore it is!


6. Pant suits were very hot this season, my favourite was this one by Karma again! Not too OTT (over the top), I’d love to see it on the red carpet some day. (Hint hint celebrities and socialites)


7. From Umer Iftikhar’s collection, this fusion outfit looked particularly well-tailored.umar

8. Zonia displayed a very strong aesthetic sensibility and I am so glad her theme was afresh to what we usually see on ramp. Her collection was stitched to perfection, not a single loose thread running, not a fitting out of place. My favourite was this bishop sleeved blouse paired with a tapered skirt. Although yes the question remains ‘is this intended for our market or not?’


9. This one was by Saira Shakira, the of-the-shoulder sheer jacket is hand crafted beautifully. Onset by the gradation geometic print, the whole look is very modern.


10. Sana Safinaz’s ‘sugar rush’ didn’t quite live up to expectations. The previews looked very exciting but somehow they weren’t able to balance the whole luxe and sporty themes and the cherry on the top was all those stripes, coming in from all directions; vertical, horizontal and what not! All that ‘sugar rush’ didn’t pump up any adrenaline but definitely made me feel nauseous.

These were the only pieces that really made any impact:


11. Florals, lace, sequences and everything pretty, chic vibes here.


12. Muse didn’t impress too much either this time round which is shocking. The only piece that I loved was this very heavy sequence embellished peplum top with culottes. Faryal wore it to the red carpet the very next day and pulled it off with such poise and gracefulness!


13. Maya Ali was the show stopper for Maria B. Out of the whole very ‘meh’ collection, this particularly caught my eye for that beautiful black lattice and roses embellished skirt.


14. The house of Kamiar showcased an extended version of what they previously displayed abroad. This banarsi pant-suit was a gem, and how exquisite is the detailing on the jacket!


15. The only outfit I found interesting at Khaadi Khaas was the one worn by Neha. Simple, understated and uber-chic.





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