Favourite 15: FPW 2015

You know it has been a really mediocre fashion week when you’ve scrutinised through every single collection and you still have three slots in the favourites to be filled. Sigh Sigh, such was the fate of Fashion Pakistan Week winter/festive 2015. Black (the national colour of winters in Pakistan) was predominately popular in all showcases. Amongst so many other facts, one that particularly was bothersome was why ‘festive’? With the bridal couture week just following up, why mingle all the bridal lehngas and ghararas with ‘pret a porter’ or rather ‘luxury pret’, as known to us. Was it to accommodate the ‘biggies’, who had only bridals to show? Whatsoever the reasons, this conforms the fact that bridal wear will always be an integral part of our fashion weeks be it ‘whatever week’. This is partially unprofessional but then they say; our industry is going through teething stages, I’d say better to finally get some teeth by now !

Lets have a look at the favourites:

1. For me the most relevant collection to the season was Sania Maskatiya’s. Although hers was only a capsule collection collaborating with Toni & Guy’s segment, it had some very well tailored pieces. I loved the origami foldings. Minimalistic and just perfectly done, this was Sania Maskatiya.


2.  Another streamlined look by Sania Maskatiya (are long lengths here to stay?). Syra looked fierce by the way!


3. What you will witness up next was one of the most cohesive and pristine collection of the week. Clean cuts with the most amazing tailoring perfection, Elan is well ahead in its game.


4. Adding a twist to the otherwise done to death ball skirt, the stitching is just impeccable! Another Elan represent.


5. Looking at this you really can’t tell if it’s off the European runway or not (unless you recognize Rubya). The flawless asymmetrical balance is something not all our designers can achieve.


6. Faraz Manan another favourite couturier amongst our fashion elites. Yes, no doubt his embellishments are sheer brilliance but the subtlety is just too overdone. It’s hard to differentiate between the pieces because they all look so similar. Loved the embellishment work on this one and Tooba just looks fantastic.


7. Shehla Chatoor had the most versatile collection of the whole lot of designers. An absolute stellar showcase. Her use of fabrics was exceptional. With not a single bead or thread out of place, Shehla proves she means serious business and that her brand is here to stay.


8. Love the use of velvet for the overlapped draped pants, another piece from Shehla Chatoor.


9. This was I believe the strongest represent of ‘All the Raj’. By just adding the fur there’s so much more chic-ness to the whole otherwise very classic attire. It’s royal and so beautiful! Another one by Shehla Chatoor.


10. This look from Nida Azwer is very reminiscent of Ralph Lauren’s spring/spring 2009 collection. The gold jacket is weaved with perfection and looks stunning against the mossy green lower.


11. Sana Safinaz’s collection was good for separates. The velvet pants and the Chanel-esque jackets were probably the only highlights of the otherwise very busy collection.


12. Another well executed piece by Sana Safinaz.


13. From the younger generation, Zaheer Abbas is the most promising designer yet. He has a powerful hold on not over-doing clothes. I think this shalwar suit on Parisheh was just gorgeously done and the balance of that ‘in your face’ gold shalwar with the black jamawar shawl is just beautiful!


14. It’s so tiresome seeing everyone doing those Indian type panelled lehngas with can cans and those bigger motifs at the base which get smaller as they go up. Oh so boring. This bridal by Zaheer Abbas was a good change and breather. The embellishment is exquisite.


15. This is the tiniest cherry on top of the favourites list. By Deepak Perwani, I love the layering against the contrast linings.


I’d really like to thank ‘Lace and Scotch’ for putting up the best coverage photos of all the shows. Its really tedious searching for good shots and clear ramp footage, so thank you once again!

Fashion for thought: I strongly believe that if our fashion industry gets over their egos and comes together as one powerful station, things will have a dramatic change and instead of having several “three day” fashion ‘weeks’ we can manage to pull a whole week of shows in one go. Never in any country have we heard of two fashion councils or two fashion capitals, I mean what if Sicily or Rome was also the fashion capital along with Milan? Or maybe Marseille along with Paris? Then why Karachi and Lahore? Please give it a thought people but then again our sad story is that we’re a nation who can’t even agree on a mutual Eid moon sighting so something as petty as fashion can wait probably another hundred years. Sigh!



One thought on “Favourite 15: FPW 2015

  1. Elan’s work is “copy” of certain Malaysian brand! Just like some of the birdals are copy of Paolo Sebastian!
    When I commented saying “why do you have to copy not-so-very-famous-foreign brands I was blocked right away!!

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