Favourite 15: PLBW 2015

And so the PFDC L’oreal Bridal Week was held at the fabulous Falettis hotel in Lahore. Although the line-up seemed pretty amazing for all the days, the only highlight was probably day one after which gradually the audience lost interest too. Super couture professionals like Sana Safinaz, Elan and the House of Kamiar took on to the ramp to showcase their latest bridal collections. Like I always say, the bridal market is huge in our country be it clothes, filmography, photography or events. People like to generally spend as much as they can on weddings because of the festive mood, joy and of course as a slight status symbol too.

Coming to couture, experimenting with bridals is really really difficult but what makes me happy is that brides are now stepping out of the box and thinking beyond the ‘red lehnga’. This bridal week, we saw lots of experimental elements like collars, drapes and hand cuffed duppattas fused into bridal wear; some tastefully done others not so much. So obviously there had to be favourites and here’s goes the list: (in no particular order)

1. First up is an all yellow outfit by Ali Xeeshan punched up with some rocking pop jewels. Ali Xeeshan’s showcase is expected to be dramatic and rather OTT (over the top), but this time round surprisingly the pieces were rather wearable and would work great as separates. What I love more than the outfit is the amazing styling, everything is so desi yet so contemporary.

2. This was a beautiful outfit by Karma. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the collection, everything was so ‘seen’ and so old school. *yawn*


3. Elan’s showcase was simply breathtaking. Every piece was so meticulously detailed and so flawless. We now have a new reigning couture queen!


4. Another Elan creation, the dhoti shalwar is just love!

elan2 12031339_962136523841865_2238940093665831079_o

5. There was attention to back detailing and it was gorgeous! Another piece from Elan.



6. Elan at it’s couture best, this particular outfit does give a hint of the ‘Sana Safinaz’ aesthetic but nonetheless it is beautifully done!

7. Absolutely loved this plum coloured dress by Fahd Hussayn. The detailing and embroidery is just superb.


8. Sana Safinaz had some exceptional pieces as well, this was amongst them.


9.  Jeem by Hamza Bukhari is definitely an upcoming brand to look out for. This draped dress was rather striking and beautiful.

10. Faiza Saqlain another upcoming designer had some really interesting accessories others would say but I think this dress was very nice too. I loved how she’s infused the Victorian elements and yet not going too over board with it either. Those arm sleeves are such pretty little things!


11. As everyone rightly says. Kamiar makes museum pieces. Not everyone can pull off his design aesthetic. Loved the colour and embroideries on this suit.


12. Republic by Omar farooq, showcased their debutant bridal collection. Yes it definitely had its ‘Elan’ moments, but it was quite a promising collection once they hop out of the Elan influence. The back detailing is gorgeous on this one and this periwinkle colour is the next big colour for sure!republic212009830_1041252059226829_8953465792167693458_n

13. Nomi Ansari, same ol same ol. Nothing new to talk about. This was my favourite one only.


14. Saira Shakira had really interesting elements and details. I loved the bow-tie collar on this one.


15. Another spectacular piece from Sana Safinaz. The belt does give a “Dolce and Gabbana” vibe but even if it does the dress itself is just breathtaking!

ss2   Photo credits: Different thinking and Ebuzz


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