Favourite 15: TBCW 2015

Telenor Bridal Couture week 2015, the biggest couture joke of the country took place about a week ago in Karachi. The best I can describe it as, is as if you were shown the lunch menu of Emirates and then were forced down that of PIA’s right in your throat. YES! it was that suffocating. Powered by HUM Network, this couture week was more of a desi *I hate my susral* type HUM TV drama; where no actor gets along with each other and still they try to make it look like a drama. I mean what was a movie music launch doing in there? like are you serious?? Wasn’t having Bollywood dance sequences in a couture week retarded enough that we had to add music launches to it as well? There has never been a worse designer line-up than the one at TBCW2015. Had they gathered all the aunty designers together in one place? Or was it a launching platform for the aunty darzis? Such bad tailoring, colours and aesthetics, was it even couture?

As I set out to search clues to my questions, here’s the no-brainer favourites:

1. HSY showcased perhaps the only exceptionally stitched and well finished collection of the whole lot. I loved the burnt shades on this one, very royal and very beautiful.


2. Loved the shorter length of the jacket paired with a lehnga choli.

hsy3. Adnan Pardesy was another designer who showed a fairly decent collection. This saree was gorgeous.

adnan pardesy

4. That’s a tricky green, another nicely done piece by Adnan Pardesy.


5. I loved the funky checkered finishings on this very royal and heavily embellished saree, again by Adnan Pardesy.

ap11411918_912426838812834_2612607944295498980_o6. A lot of sarees on the list today, this one by Mansoor Akram (Amina Yasmeen). The colour is so refreshing!

amina y

7. I wont say much for Amato, this is the only piece worthy for a slot in the list.


8. Mansoor Akram did have some interesting details and ideas but they couldn’t be executed well. This was a better one.

amina yasmeen

9. Zainab Chottani has been doing some pretty neat bridals lately. The grey pairing with contrasting blues, purples and fuschias looked very striking.

zainab chottani

10. Zainab Chottani saree, how beautiful does that look!


11. One of the better collections, another Zainab Chottani ensemble.


12. From the liberty/aashiyana designer brigade, Mifrah definitely had better taste and some pieces were actually gracefully done.


13. Another Mifrah outfit, the new vintage?


14. MNR the new kid on the block, embellishment is definitely their strength. The lightest hint of pink on the bronze and black lehnga choli looks beautiful and the menswear is well-coordinated too!


15. A Fouzia Hammad (Goal) creation, the Chantilly lace leggings look chic (the only saving grace).

fouzia hammad

Fashion for thought: Is this how we want to project Pakistani *Couture* internationally? Have some mercy on the rest of us, dear designers. How hideous are all these!

11334111_911626808892837_3267551632671177874_oThe jamavar tiered-effect monsterosity.    11336975_911677395554445_7766052448632051557_o   The baby doll front with the oscars back gown.11406111_911087352280116_5241460111435795453_oIs that an exaggerated tea-cosy or is it a shower cap?  11412090_911616675560517_503677350133368925_oIf Romans were Pakistanis…circa 476 A.D

But since every cloud has a silver lining, the highlight was this gorgeous couple walking the ramp, stars of the week, they looked so cute together, both wearing Asifa & Nabeel.

11427277_912475902141261_8955715493808350233_o (1) Photo credits: Different thinking


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