Favourite 15: PSFW S/S 2015

The PFDC Sunsilk fashion week took off on the 18th of April and remained *high* in all it’s glory till the 21st of April. Journalists (oh sorry I mean Journos), designers, socialites and every Tom, Dick and Harry gathered together to witness the most appalling fashion showcases. Who will wear these clothes? How will they be translated into retail? weren’t the questions on my mind this time round. Going through hundreds of images the only thing I thought was; why did they even bother? I mean seriously? why? Apart from the usual bunch of a few established designers, everyone failed to impressed. The designer line-up was such a disappointment, and the textile shows still haven’t found their place or worth for that matter.

Anyways, with every good there is bad and with every cloud there is a silver lining (so we learnt in school).

Here’s the favourites:

1. A very edgy tunic by Zonia Anwaar. I love the neckline and how cool is that print!


2. Beautiful monotone fishtail gown by the talented duo Saira Shakira.


3. Absolutely love the use of fringes as the top, gives a very 20’s flapper vibe. The minty green and those floral pants, just perfect. This too is from Saira Shakira.


4. Hands down the best collecton, Mohsin Ali for Sana Safinaz. It was so spring/spring relevant print wise, colour wise and silhouette wise! Love the print paired with print, it just gels so well!


5. Another superb print on print paring by Sana Safinaz.


6. I have seen almost all designers using bird prints but this has just got to top my list. It’s a very mature I would say, use of print otherwise in our part of the world, prints like these and a silhouette like this usually ends up looking very childish and kids wear type. Sana Safinaz does it once again.


7. Another high contrast and high slitted dress by Sana Safinaz.


8. Floral vs stripes, perfect balance by Sana Safinaz.


9. Gorgeous white gown with the most apt black hints, Sana Safinaz once again.


10. Next up after the SS brigade, is this beautifully finished garment by Chinyere.


11. Zara Shahjahan showcased a lovely desi androgonous look, those bandhgalas paired with knee length shirts were definately new on ramp.


12. A treat to the eye with such luxurious pieces could only have been MUSE. Very basic silhouettes but what fantastic material and aesthetics, this collection literally oozed elegance.


13. The best thing about MUSE was that their collection was very very appropriate and relevant to what our majorities wear. Minimum skin show and maximum impact!


14. Misha Lakhani definitely brought something new to the ramp, the beechy silhouettes were so subtle, but having said that it was also a very basic collection. A little more effort and this collection would have been amongst the better ones.


15. And rounding up our favourites is this beautifully draped dress again by Misha Lakhani, it’s so delicate and the pastel colour is so soothing.


Photo credits: Different thinking


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