Favourite 15: The luxury lawn edition

This post was a fairly difficult one for the reason that although lawn looks fantastic in photoshoots, the live version of it may not always be so cool. Some suits picture really well but look drab in real while others don’t look so impressive in pictures but when worn have a beautiful impact.

A generous amount of designers try their luck at lawn every year but only a few hold their stay. Brands like Crescent, Elan and Sana Safinaz have really established themselves as the lawn royalty over just a few years. As for the lawn debate, all I’d say is that yes they are expensive and yes it does look like a uniform when every other person is wearing the same design but indeed designer lawn does stand out, the aesthetics are unmatched by even giants like Khaadi and Gul Ahmed. If you don’t like designer lawn don’t wear it but also don’t rant about it either. If designers can make a mundane fabric like lawn look fabulous enough to wear at formal events then why not? And at least these designer lawns keep our ladies encouraged to wear shalwar (read as trouser) kameez otherwise like winters our summers too will be bombarded with very awkward desi looking western fashion statements (whatever that means) (I know that got through to most of you).

Okay so here’s my lawn edit in random order:

1. First up is an absolute favourite! By Faraz Manan for Crescent, this one was fantastic especially the sleeve detail in the stitched version and that hint of hot pink in the silk duppata. Superb!


2. This photoshoot was probably the best lawn shoot of the season; it had the right amount of ‘kick’ in it (pun intended). Zainab Chottani for LSM, this particular design had two colour ways both of which were beautiful!



3. Here begins the Elan brigade; although this collection received its fair amount of critique for being too busy in print, some of the designs were definitely modern and avant-garde (in terms of lawn) and the colours were slightly more bent towards catering the younger crowd.


4. Elan again. Not summery at all and very D&G looking nonetheless looked gorgeous in actual.


5. The most popular of the Elan lot; the Moroccan rose.



6. Another Elan favourite;


7. The best thing about lawn by Sana Safinaz this year was that the suits weren’t limited to a single stitching idea. For example the front piece could be used as the back or even the sleeves, the designing was such that there was ample room for experimentation whilst getting it stitched. This design had a very formal look and I loved the fun stitching suggestion.

10408683_950334711665647_2981650918291743354_n8. Another very popular Sana Safinaz chikenkari design:

Sana Safinaz Lawn 2015 11B

9. Sana Safinaz’s take on the kantha technique, another beautiful print.

1900048_938007406240164_7787057767060834464_n10. This looked really nice in actual and i love the stitching suggestion, feeling some Khaadi vibes here but the oversized motif saves it majorly.


11. Zara Shahjahan up next. Her lawn collection was as expected bold in design and an eclectic mix with everything ranging from Afghani, Indian, French and ETRO. These were the better ones:

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.45.10 am

12. It was a nice breather seeing such a gorgeous face. Sundal Roy looked ravishing! The lace applique on this shirt was brilliant too.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.45.32 am

13. Farah Talib Aziz for LSM was another designer lawn series that everyone was really looking forward to. Although it wasn’t really an amazing collection it did have it’s “moments”. This lawn had the prettiest pastels and the most beautiful attention to detail. 11146304_10153256314539421_370753524631562681_n

This photoshoot does not do justice to this print at all, here’s a shot from the launch event. How pretty is that!

11082419_883639995024852_6321535643232061379_o (1)

14. Another Farah Talib design. The details were exquisite on this one, with sleeves in cotton net and such a beautifully embroidered organza border unfortunately the pictures aren’t even half as awesome.


15. Lawn by Sania Maskatiya always disappoints me. I mean coming from a fashion house known for print, the lawn versions aren’t so impressive ever. I feel maybe that their print aesthetics look amazing only on silks and formal fabrics and not so much on lawn. This was the only favourite from the Sania Maskatiya for Al-karam collection that too maybe only because of the stitching suggestion.


Apart from all these designer lawns I’d like to give a special mention to Rungrez and Sapphire for their outstanding debut in the lawn market. They had fabulous prints and such a beautiful mix of colour palettes.


10423792_917892474927875_1428270004778371889_n               Sapphire-Lawn-Vol-1-Spring-Look-Book-2015-Khadijah-Shah-Summer-Prints-2





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