Favourite 15: TPFW S/S 2015

Telenor Pakistan fashion week – was the much awaited and anticipated fashion week of the country. This time round it was perhaps the most disappointing one too, in terms of fashion of-course. Every single designer showcase was right on international trend…last year’s trends that is. Fringes (done to death type ones), high-low asymmetrical tops and those cropped tops with the ball skirts (they really need to die now) was all last year, yes indeed that was so 2014! Nevertheless, there were designers who really did put effort and thought into their collections for which they should be credited; especially Zaheer Abbas who did a fabulous job.

Here’s the favourite 15 coming right at you! (in no particular order)

1. Sania Maskatiya stayed in her comfort zone and presented what she did best…print amalgamation! This piece particularly stood out, absolutely loved the paint splashed monochrome pants.


2. Nida Azwer too remained within her creative boundaries , neutrals, ivories and lilacs was the order of the day for her. I like how the op art-ish upper is paired with that heavily embroidered lower. 11080987_877695345619317_6324464052700751235_n

3. Another Nida Azwer creation; that blouse looks amazing!


4. Daaman is perhaps the most versatile clothing retail brand, I love how they infuse contemporary-ness with eastern wear.


5. Another one from Daaman; that cut out top looks really chic with the undershirt and pants.



6. So thankfully, FNKasia is out of that colourful ethnic rut it had been into since forever. This dress has a very appropriate lace usage, its not going all over the place and the layering of sheer, embroidery and fabric is nicely done. 11076279_877738308948354_7300565244941747425_n

7. Zaheer Abbas (trumpets please)…beautifully executed, aptly spring/summer and such splendour! From the styling, to the accessorising; perfectly done and so spot on! looks right off the European runway.


8. A very basic white dress, but that sheer jacket is divine!



9. Gorgeous print, well presented!11012849_878312948890890_7077169754884458540_o

10. Zara Shahjehan’s work is no doubt very pretty and beautiful but it’s always like that pick’n’mix candy station you find at Carrefour, a little bit of this and a little bit of that and there you have Zara’s collection! It’s never cohesive, nor in silhouette or in design. I loved this jacket and I wish she had used more of this print and embellishment in other pieces too.


11. Fahad Hussayn is another strong contender of luxury pret in our country. Although it was a seen before collection (parts of it at least), I loved this ensemble. A sheer dress draped over a lace jumpsuit; simple, understated and effective !


12. With the textile technique (rilli) that the brand Inaaya is trying to revive, it is really difficult to come up with innovation collection after collection, having said that Inaaya is doing a pretty fair job. My favourite piece was this beautiful bold floral jacket paired with a neutral rilli worked skirt. 11083794_878817885507063_3921027875194733104_o


13. The next piece from Inaaya was very reminisent of what Mohsin Ali did for Sana Safinaz a season ago, what I like is how the asymmetrical jacket is constructed in two tones of the same colour.


14. Zaheer Abbas once again, yes cropped tops have been done to death but that detailing on the skirt is WOW! couldn’t be missed or overseen. Absolutely love!


15. Nothing extraordinaire about this Deepak Perwani outfit, but it fits perfectly for a pret showing. Love the contrast of the monochrome against the printed scarlet red.


Fashion for thought: Something I’d like to add on a little to is the Bank Al-falah rising talent portion of the show; not many people were aware of the fact that the work being showcased was the thesis work of the students and not something they had created especially for a pret fashion week. Thesis work is always very very experimental and sort of blown off proportion, be it leather, chains, bondage whatsoever and is made with immense hardwork and effort since everything from concept to pattern to draping and sewing is done by the students themselves, in short it is honestly painstaking. Either you should mention it as a thesis collection or aspire the students to make mini capsule ready-to-wear versions. I was really disappointed reading the thrashing reviews against these kids and not because I am from PIFD but in general, students especially, should be given the confidence to come forward. It’s not easy taking the plunge from student life right into professionalism just a year after graduating, so take a chill pill guys and give them an encouraging path to follow! xx


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