In the spotlight: Asim Jofa

I’ve been following Asim Jofa’s collections for quite some time now and I feel he has a very distinctive taste and aesthetic. The first time I ever found out about him was when this huge bill board popped up some where around the city; 1459286_829552287067874_6212586262937452337_n and the first thing I thought was that it was pretty impactful without “trying too hard” (which is the major problem with most of our local brands). Asim Jofa’s bold designs may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the eclectic mix of pattern, digital print and embroidery is definitely worth a try out. People do complain about the high pricing but if there is one brand that does promise quality of material and value for money then that is Asim Jofa. Even the packaging of the suits is so lavishly done, that you actually feel a little spoilt at your splurge.

With the lawn extravaganza just around the corner, Asim Jofa has very aptly (smart retail move) come up with a capsule collection of a very affordable line of tunics and these aren’t the same ol same ol lawn prints that you regularly get to see. Each piece is a narrative of its own story. Anchors, ropes, fonts, numerical, birds, trees and so much more! asim 1 asim 2 Embroidery detail on 2A:


asim 3asim 4

Embroidery detail on 4B:


asim 5asim 6 Six designs in two colour options, and priced at Rs;1899/- only, these edgy pieces are available at traditions and Raja Sahib in Lahore, go ladies grab the best that you can since they’re already a sell-out at the Asim Jofa  e-store.


How awesome is that packaging!!!


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