Favourite 15: Fashion Pakistan Week A/W 2014

Fashion Pakistan week was held in Karachi, a three day event loaded with fashion, celebrities and huge media coverage. Like all other fashion weeks, this too had it’s highs and lows. The best thing was that finally our collections are becoming more cohesive; which means that every designer now follows a certain silhouette, colour palette and inspiration for their respective segment, which really didn’t happen in the yesteryears. So yes, baby steps it is! The biggest low was that as a whole, this fashion week was more spring/summer than autumn/winter in terms of fabric choice and colour palettes. One can’t simply get away with monochromatic (black and white) being wintery, thats just not justified. Anyhow, superb effort put in by the Fashion Pakistan council and some exceptional fashion pieces to look out for!

Here’s FTA’s favourite 15:

1. White on white embellished crop top with a midi skirt by Amna Aqeel. Some sheer elegance!

10801832_807507859304733_5190675641088526979_n 2. Black cape jacket Intricately embellished in copper paired with a black jumpsuit, bold and chic by Ayesha Farooq Hashwani.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 3.10.24 pm

3. A gorgeous black digitally printed halter gown by Shehla Chatoor.


4. Another fierce black dress by Shehla Chatoor. The leather weave paired with the Samurai inspired details are to die for!


5. Another beautifully crafted cropped top with a maxi skirt piece by Shehla Chatoor. The basket weave details are just so amazing!



6. An exquisite red cape jacket by Sanam Chaudri. I just wish the zipper on the pants wasn’t so prominent.


7. Another very elegant and beautiful ivory ensemble by Sanam Chaudri. The embellishment is so fine and intricate.



8. White cropped top with a maxi skirt paired with a cutwork sleeveless jacket. The back of the garment is gorgeous! By Adnan Pardesi.

150139_881920785159958_3399341095489074723_n    10502503_881920831826620_3071817109891036335_n

9. A fun preppy scarlet red top paired with a monochrome midi. Simple, understated yet chic. By Nida AzwerIMG_5441

10. Digitally printed silk kimono dress by Nida Azwer.



11. Mohsin Ali for Sana Safinaz. He is the best new thing that happened to the Pakistani fashion scene, need i say more? The garments are well thought out and the styling is at par with international standards for sure, truly a fashion pro!



12. Another draped top paired with red pants by Mohsin Ali.



13. And again a Mohsin Ali for Sana Safinaz ensemble. This collection will definitely translate well as separates and will find a way into many closets.


13. Printed power suit by Mohsin Ali once again. I love how he’s given the print a break with the use of scarves.



14. Mohsin Ali for Sana Safinaz yet again.


15. Ending the list on a stunning kimono sheer dress with heavily embellished cuffs by Faraz Manan. The back is equally striking!



Photo credits: All photos belong to their respective owners, and are used here only for entertainment purposes!


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