In the spotlight: Suffuse by Sana Yasir


Okay so, when I first saw this photo shoot I literally thought; is it Elan? is it Sania Maskatiya? ohh wow no, its Suffuse! I have been following Suffuse since quite some time now but their latest fall’14 collection just had to be mentioned and wrote about! This mini capsule collection has some of the most beautifully crafted pieces made in pastels with a blend of subtle pearl embellishments, silk appliques and such gorgeous attention to detail on the pants. This is definitely at par with any big design house, and I think Sana has done an absolute stunning job. The prices are unbelievably economical considering the fact that all material is 100% pure silks, organzas and cotton net. With winters being around the corner, I just wish this collection had launched a few months earlier into the summers but then again exquisite pieces like these need no season! Ladies go ahead and spoil yourselves, now!!

10325365_793759774016579_8471272735485056043_n  10339715_793760364016520_8136343439362964299_n

10354600_793757194016837_6423716839065042350_n      10712920_793756870683536_1885534306084997763_n  10730780_793759284016628_7180383193568698466_n    10730918_793759140683309_8559172961097049084_n 10730985_793759587349931_3471446912187298959_n     1932273_793759437349946_7879423565495236995_n

1904163_793760174016539_3122705529028334138_n    10426075_793759824016574_525682654718714544_n 10734121_793756990683524_4378903294009156919_n

(Photo credits: Suffuse)

Facebook page: Suffuse by Sana Yasir

Contact: 0345 8496765


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