Bridal diaries: Ayeza Khan

The very popular and much loved celebrity couple Ayeza khan and Danish Taimoor tied the knot last week. Their wedding was a week long event with much buzz over the social media. Here’s the scoop on the bride’s look on all four days:


On the mayuon, Ayeza wore a bright colored chunri outfit with minimal make-up and a gold tikka. She looked radiant and glowing!

10472797_701348176587780_6065734185216902021_n 10537016_701348223254442_461210986815969848_n


For the mehndi, Ayeza once again opted for a very bright and colorful attire. Although with so much color, Ayeza somehow did manage to pull it of well. The jewelry and styling made the look cohesive and does anyone notice the “Jodha Akber” vibes? Which by the way is a very poplar wedding theme that brides to tend to follow a lot in our part of the world.




Aishwariya Rai Bachan in Jodha Akber


Ayeza was seen adorning a very very traditional look on her barat. Make-up was by Natasha’s Salon. Being an actress it was also expected that Ayeza would be OTT (over the top) and gaudy but what I am happy about is that even after all those drama versions of her as a bride, she did manage to look different on her real wedding day. She looked beautiful and strictly traditional, almost like the brides we see across magazine spreads.





Another heavily embellished wedding dress for the walima, this time paired with a matha patti. And once again Ayeza looked like a magazine bride. She looked gorgeous but I really really wish she had skipped the matha patti, it was pretty unnecessary  and brought down her look by a gizzilllion points.

10509731_705083102880954_4013874952437425912_n 10592902_705127849543146_5073476162079733049_n 10580139_565396423566621_7936108209506127088_n

All in all, yes all of her looks were very gaudy but I have to say she did carry it off well. Here’s wishing the beautiful couple a very very hearty congratulations!

Special mention: Danish Taimoor looked ever so handsome in a charcoal grey suit on the walima.


Photo credits: Kashif Qadri Photography and Natasha’s salon


2 thoughts on “Bridal diaries: Ayeza Khan

  1. Agree! The ‘matha patti’ is definitely a downer in the walima look!!! Do a bridal diaries on Sarwat Gilani. She looked gorgeous on all days!!!

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