Bridal diaries: Hina Butt

All brides look pretty on their ceremonies, but some brides stand out. Hina Butt of “Teena by Hina Butt” recently got engaged to Hajra Hayat’s brother and where there are two major fashion names involved then there’s got to be some fashion chic! The event was mastered by the dream team and definitely looked like an affair to remember. Hina Butt wore a pale mint dress with aqua finishings by her own label “Teena by Hina Butt” and some ridiculously gorgeous emerald jewels by Shazia Deen. Her make-up and hair design was by the super talented Amina Raja and photography was by the very popular Irfan Ahson. Hina looked absolutely gorgeous, she was the perfect summer bride. Not a single thing was out of place, even the cake looked divine! Here’s wishing the couple a fabulous future ahead!

1920246_10152387660384480_3564663550394311638_n 1939662_10152607889950449_2940028306717679301_n 10339959_10152396378994480_8502149082004260079_n 10461966_10203166436456700_5876031028841868355_n

The engagement cake – like quite literally!

10402576_10152396380329480_77528235316970466_n 10394018_10152386336379480_4549548047292755188_n

She looks ethereal and this is one of Irfan Ahson’s signature portrait.

10342410_10152394415449480_2739174200719983237_n 10537337_10152603737605449_2144748303449828425_n 10527428_10152387647314480_1022302158444767116_n

The embellishment detail on the sleeve is exquisite.

10517554_10152387429324480_5174616711833146_n 10511285_10152607890120449_7324557689764156061_n 10489973_10152389186329480_8274680662722245064_n 10568877_10152391009324480_6597433777463994011_n 10552506_10152386375409480_2076430169093424186_n 10552425_10152603736375449_7416880182804170334_n 10543622_693052470768963_6885717087010097438_n


Hajra Hayat adorning her own creation, looking beautiful!

10540803_10152386373589480_2934233844383636231_nThe Happy Couple!

     Photo credits: Fine art weddings (by Irfan Ahson)


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