In the spotlight: OMNI PRET

Lots of designers are trying their luck at ready to wear clothing, because the turnover is great provided you have a good commercially acceptable design philosophy.

Just when I was tired of going to Khaadi and seeing the same ol’ kurtas every single time (not to mention the steeping prices), some good news popped up, and here’s what it is: OMNI PRET!

Omni pret, an intiative by Ayesha Mehmood,  former graduate from Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design, is the answer to all your everyday fashion dilemmas. These fantastic pieces are available as separates for now, with which duppatas and trousers/tights can be added later on order.

What clicks with me is the fuss free aesthetic sense behind this brand. The kurtas are well-tailored and nicely done. In the most beautiful colours and gorgeous embroideries; Omni Pret is bound to make a way into your summer wardrobe. And the best part? all pieces are priced under Rs:5000, which means good quality at an even better price. Take a look and I am sure you will love every single one of them just like I do!




photo 2


 photo 5 (1) photo 5



 10325652_900993793260997_3348489312252596391_n 10422162_900934113266965_3627010595660599826_n 10500277_900992403261136_3411249766898794724_n 10505561_900993343261042_8861700139770206063_n

These and many more will be available at LE VOGUE exhibition at Tehxeeb, near Mini market on the 11th and 12th of July 2014. Head over and get your hands on some summer chic! Happy shopping ladies!!!



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