Fashion knowledge: Gucci – Flora Icon

As the fashion legend goes, the Flora motif was created in 1966 when Rodolfo Gucci commissioned artist Vittorio Accornero to create an original silk scarf with a floral pattern, as a gift for Princess Grace Kelly when she visited the Via Monte Napoleone store. Accornero was a world renowed children’s book illustrator and with what looked like an illustration straight from a children’s fairytale, he created an absolutely stunning design featuring 43 varieties of flowers, plants and also several different species of insects hidden within the pattern embracing over 37 different colors.

ImageThe original Gucci Flora scarf, 1966

 The intent behind this meticulously detailed sketch was to capture precisely the grace, innocence and elegance of the late Princess Grace Kelly. The Flora Icon has since become an iconic motif of Gucci’s designs and a style legend, transcending seasons and fads. Princess Grace wore the delicate print as a scarf while her daughter, Caroline, wore it in the form of a silk blouse.


Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, 1966


 Princess Caroline of Monaco, 1973

It was in 2005, that Frida Giannini rediscovered the classic and brought the pattern to canvas bags and in doing so created yet another Gucci phenomenon. The Flora icon in all it’s splendor, is now being used in various product lines ranging from ready-to-wear mini dresses to handbags and accessories.

Image    Image

Flora canvas bags, 2005 Gucci cruise collection

For Gucci Resort 2013 collection, Frida Giannini reinterpreted the iconic floral print and quoted her interpretation of the print as “unfinished” referring to the black and white flowers set in between and behind the colored-in ones. From silks to linen, to jackets to dresses; this motif turned up pretty much everywhere.

034fullscreen 001fullscreen 032fullscreen 030fullscreen 029fullscreen 028fullscreen 014fullscreen 011fullscreen

The Flora icon till date has been an inspiration for numerous high street brands like Zara, Topshop, H&M and River Island to name a few. It was in it’s full fierce rage in 2013 and could be seen all over the streets of the fashion capitals; London, Milan, Paris and New York.

topshop-floral-t-shirt1 Topshop-tall-floral-dip-hem-dress no55_normal-2 zara3 zara-strawberry-floral-print-tunic-product-1-4505511-180254143_large_flexZara-flora-shift-dress

From top left: Topshop floral top, Topshop uneven hem dress, H&M garden collection top, Zara shift dress, Zara Shift dress, Zara Shift dress

In April 2014, this legendary icon was introduced to the Pakistani fashion scene (finally!) by Zara Shahjehan for her pret-a-porter collection showcase at PFDC Sunsilk fashion week. Here’s her homage (intentional or unintentional) to the Gucci Flora Icon entitled as the “Love Bug”.

Zara-Shahjahan-PSFW-2014-27 Zara-Shahjahan-PSFW-2014-23 Zara-Shahjahan-PSFW-2014-17 Zara-Shahjahan-PSFW-2014-15 Zara-Shahjahan-PSFW-2014-13 Zara-Shahjahan-PSFW-2014-6 Zara-Shahjahan-PSFW-2014-7 Zara-Shahjahan-PSFW-2014-12

Although the “Love Bug” did receive a lot of positive reviews from popular critics but does the collection do justice to the whole glory of the iconic print? I think the high street versions were far better than this *runway* interpretation. No?

For now lets just drool over these images from the Gucci Flora Icon exhibition held at the Gucci Museo in Florence, Italy last year:

tumblr_mjzshnvBvt1qec5vyo1_1280-524x700         tumblr_mjzshnvBvt1qec5vyo8_r1_1280-466x700tumblr_mjzshnvBvt1qec5vyo3_r1_1280-1000x666








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