Fashion edit: ARY film awards 2014

Another awards ceremony, another fashion circus. Clowns, jugglers, hoopers yep! all of them in one place. Lets begin with the best!

Top five best dressed celebs: (I think my final year thesis was easier than compiling this list!)

1. Ushna Shah 

In the most beautiful magenta, Ushna Shah opted for an Asim Jofa silk gown and she looked amazing! From styling to accessories, everything was absolutely fuss free. I’ve been pleasantly surprised for once, she rocked the red carpet !



2. Cybil Chowdary

Cybil wore a heavily embellished black gown from HSY’s Venom collection which he showcased at the Pakistan fashion week in Karachi. She added a sheer jacket to the gown which was from the same collection. She looked wicked (in a stunning way of course!). The tousled hair, red lips and emerald green clutch added just the right amount of color break and at the right places! Gorgeous-ness!



Image    Image

HSY Venom collection at Pakistan fashion week 2014

3. Aamina Sheikh

Aamina chose to wear a Sana Safinaz ensemble. The hot pink and black combo stood out from the crowd instantly and she looked stunning. Iam glad she’s upgraded from last time, I told you she had potential to look fabulous and here she is right on number three!



4. Sana Bucha

Sana Bucha was seen clad in a Shehla Chatoor saree from her recent “Samsara” collection shown at the Pfdc sunsilk fashion week last month. With just a choker around her neck, she let the saree do the talking. Loved the look – effortless and chic!




5. Ammara Hikmat

The lovely publicist at Encycyclomedia PR wore an ensemble from Zara Shahjehan’s latest love bug collection. Ammara carries it incredibly well and far better than how it was seen on the ramp!

Image    Image


Noor opted for a lightly embellished pale peachy saree by Faiza Saqlain. Although she did look good, she could have made a better choice of the color. Slightly too pale for an evening event, she’s on the fence!


And now the clowns and jugglers:

The top six worst dressed celebs: (because five weren’t enough!)

1. Aizah Khan

I’ve ran out of words already! Everything is so busy I can’t focus. The saree on it’s own was good enough don’t know why the jacket had to be added. Aizah is wearing a saree and long jacket from Nomi Ansari’s “Gravity” collection shown at Pakistan fashion week previously. The whole look is so suffocating and fugly already and to top it the way it’s been draped totally kills everything for me!


Image    Image

2. ?????

Ohkay so here’s Miss XYZ. Neck up she’s a pretty picture but the rest OMG. Did the designer just burn the dress from below while ironing it and then quickly translate it into a cutline? What is this??? Is this a modern day eastern tail coat which I didn’t pay attention to in my costume theory class?? DAYEM! She’s just missing the red nose!


3. Sanam Saeed

Is it the belt? is it the shoes? I think it’s the ghastly styling or maybe the combination of all three which landed Sanam all the way here. I love the Sana Safinaz jacket, wish she could have just paired it with a black jumpsuit and some gold pumps THAT’S all she needed. Life is better simple, why complicate it so much? The belt and shoes are terrible by the way!


4. Sabina Pasha

I can’t seem to find a front view of this uber dreadful dress which is apparently by Shehla Chatoor. However the front may be still this doesn’t qualify in any case for the event in question. For the after party maybe yes (if there was one)  but for the awards ceremony? No darling!  The length, the color, the material, what a waste! Looks as if she forgot to wear something under/over it? ? ?  ? ? ?


5. Rubya Chaudhry

Wearing a dress from Ali Zeeshan’s “Trouble” collection shown at Pfdc fashion week 2014, Rubya’s styling killed the whole statement-making potential that this dress had! It looked far better on the ramp. She can qualify for the juggler or maybe the hooper!



Ali Zeeshan’s Trouble collection at Pfdc fashion week 2014

6. Mahirah Khan

Having a pretty face does not give you the license to dress up so inappropriate and get away with it too! Was she going to the screening of ARY awards or the ceremony itself? Dressed up in MNG, this is sheer or maybe opaque dissappointment!


I don’t know how many websites, emails and facebook pages I had to go through to make this blogpost possible so just to say all photos are respective properties of their owners and have been used only for entertainment purposes thank you!


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