Fashion face-off

Gowns that have a clingy silhouette are fairly difficult to carry off especially on the Asian physique. To nail the look, it has to be either draped or embellished aesthetically and the gown actually has to fit like a glove. Beyond that most importantly, no matter how thin your waist is you have to be toned and you have to wear the perfect inner wear / body shapers, which I regret to say our celebrities are unaware of (remember Rubya Chaudhry from the Hum awards?).

Here’s how it’s done in Hollywood:


ImageAnd in Bollywood:

ImageAnd in Lollywood? (hold your hearts):

Image    Image

urwa hocane in nomi ansari

Urwa Hocane in Nomi Ansari at the ARY Film Awards

This is plain trying too hard, if you can’t do it gracefully might as well not do it at all. She could have easily looked so much better in other options, sometimes it’s just better to stay in your own domain. Sorry honey Urwa, that’s a NO!

Photo credits: Movie Shoovy


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