Fashion edit: Hum awards 2014

Such disastrous satorial sightings at the Hum awards 2014 (read: Big fat desi walima). It took me quite a while to actually register the appalling fashion scene, but somebody’s gotta do it so it might as well be me!

Here goes the good news first;

Top five best dressed (read: BETTER dressed) celebs:

1. Mahirah Khan

The most appropriately dressed female was perhaps Mahirah Khan. She looked fabulous. The hairdo. the perfectly fitted fishtail skirt and the subtle makeup. Her look was a little reminiscent of her popular “Humsafar” avatar. She could have added slightly bigger blingy studs but nevertheless she tops the list.



2. Syra Yousaf

Syra looked gorgeous in her custom made Sania Maskatiya dress. Not cropping her out of this photo, I think they’re the cutest celeb couple!

ImageImage    Image

3. Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas was a tough contender for the first slot but those ill-fitted peep toes *cringe*. Accessorizing it perfectly, she pulled off the Shehla Chatoor gown well though.



4. Safina Behroz

This woman is probably the most gracefully dressed celebrity wife amongst all other females of her generation. She had to be in the top list, hands down! Trust me she’s even way better dressed than most of the younger lot too, read ahead and find out!

Image    Image


5. Alishba Yousuf

Wearing the most gorgeous shade of green and with the right statement jewelry pieces, Alishba Yousuf takes the final slot in the best dressed list.




Gia Ali chose to wear a piece from Fahd Hussayn’s latest aristoanarchy collection shown at the Fashion Pakistan week earlier this year. I think that although the gown was spot on with the event (a very marchesa-que attire), but it looked as if it was a whole size small for her (look at the creasing bodice). The styling was good enough and so was the accessorizing, I just wish she’d worn the right fit *sigh*. She’s on the edge.



Fahd Hussayn Aristoanarchy collection 2014


Top five worst of the worst dressed celebs (read: fashion criminals): 

1. Unknown 

Who the ……. ?,  What the ……. ?? , Why did she even bother? And where do I even start from? The hideous white platform shoes, the fugliest dress or the totally out of context styling. Her stylist needs to find a new job, somewhere in Star Trek maybe! 


2. Rubya Chaudhry

I don’t know who she’s wearing and tbh I don’t want to know either. This clingy horribly draped dress is just so unflattering. Make-up and hair is pretty shoddy too.   



3. Nida Yasir

Yup! exactly what we needed on the red carpet; our very own desi Morticia Addams, here to attend her best friend’s walima! URGH!


4. Unknown (to me at least):

I think she deserved the “Desi Morticia” title more than Nida. Okay so here’s the desi Morticia part 2 and she’s probably here for the walima too. (the hair and that saree *shudders* )


5. Ayesha Omer

Did everyone mistake the Hum awards for the “best Morticia look-alike” contest? I mean it’s like a whole parade of Morticia’s walking down the red carpet. This goth meets oscars look is devastating especially coming from such a pretty face. What a hot mess indeed!


(Photo credits: ebuzz and the Hum network interactive dept.) 

P.S: This list is endless, thank God I just had to mention five from the whole tsunami of horrendous fashion! 


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