In the fashion court: Aamina Sheikh

Aamina Sheikh is such a refined actor it just fails me to understand her sartorial choices. At the OK! magazine launch in Karachi last sunday Aamina was seen wearing a Maheen Karim gown type dress (confused? so am I). 




THE VERDICT: The washed out color of this dress is least complementing Aamina’s sultry skin tone and the white patchy make-up isn’t helping too much either although Bina Khan is such an amazing MUA, don’t know what went wrong there. The trail and the uneven hem was quite unnecessary, the whole look gives a very “mother of the bride” vibe. Had the dress been given an even hemline and a monochrome (single color) palette, we’d have a whole new story; something of this sort, understated but very very elegant.

ImageTemperley of London 2013 Bridal couture

Aamina for me was not so OK! i guess and apparently she received the best dressed award. If she was the best dressed then God help with what the rest wore! 




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