On the cover: Sunday Magazine

A good magazine cover gives life to a publication and can be crucial to its success. If done right, mag covers can become icons, acts of protest or sources of wonder. – Gloria Quintanilla

This week on  Sunday magazine’s cover we have the sultry Neha Ahmed in Zara Shahjehan for Kamal lawn. What I like about it is the fresh spring look, the contrast of the cherry hues against the blue sky looks fantastic. Although Neha’s posture is slightly annoying to look at but what’s more annoying is the overload of captions on the right side, Iam at peace with the left. Love the teaser caption “Love affair with lawn” it’s kinda cheeky.

sunday cover

So Kamal by Zara Shahjehan launches nationwide on the 11th of March 2014. the exhibition will be held at 10 Q Gulberg 2 Lahore. With motifs inspired by the subcontinent and a summery amalgamation of colors and geometric prints, this collection is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser. All the best to the team! Here’s to your first look; cheers!

kamal lawn 5    kamal lawn 1    kamal lawn 2    kamal lawn 3   kamal lawn 4    kamal lawn 6 kamal lawn 7    kamal lawn 8    kamal lawn 9    kamal lawn 10    kamal lawn 12    kamal lawn 13 kamal lawn 14    kamal lawn 15    kamal lawn 16     kamal lawn 21    kamal lawn 20    kamal lawn 25kamal lawn 22    kamal lawn 26     kamal lawn 24    kamal lawn 27    kamal lawn 30    kamal lawn 28kamal lawn 23    kamal lawn 17kamal lawm 11    kamal lawn 18kamal lawn 29


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